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  1. Dunno, I think NordVpn is still very viable. I don't know if you could even classify what happened last year as a hack, the attackers got some expired private keys and that was that. No personal information was leaked. Also, they now do 3rd party audits, which brings in more credibility, at least for me.
  2. Hmm... Depends on your behavioral patterns. Do you like to take your laptop somewhere? Maybe to coffee shops? Do you like watching content in your bed? Can you last two weeks at a time without your pc?
  3. I understand the logic to modernize the school systems and children IMHO should be taught to work with different devices and environments, but right now there's privacy issues all around, and until they are solved, children are especially susceptible to online dangers. Just my opinion
  4. Yeah sorry about that, just had a pretty tense discussion on left&right so it kind of jumped out. I probably don't know enough about the technology to comment on the storing logs, as I understand that's a big no-no for VPNs? The part that really caught my eye was about three year and one month plan differences, if you are making more expensive plans better without informing the customer then that's fraud. And something that I don't think would come up just as a fantasy. But overall I agree with your stance, just when such allegations are made I would like to see them in court.
  5. LOL I was scrolling through the news and thought something was wrong with "Internet access" I heard only a little of VPNs, read about proxies more, bypassing the geo-blocks is cool... But reading through this it sounded pretty authentic. Kind of reminded me of Theranos scandal if you've heard of it, here's a good mini series by HBO, worth checking out IMHO. Anyway, the whistleblower that exposed their toxic work environment sounded pretty similar, very personal, very angry. Reading through this anonymous post I did get the feeling there's some authentic anger behind it. Yeah there's little facts presented, but I don't believe someone would point out so many wrongdoings and possibly risk their career just to stir some water... I hope more facts are presented, and where's all the "workers rights" leftist expressing their dissatisfaction???
  6. I use webroot antivirus, it's very light on the resources.
  7. I found Belgian beer to be the best beer in the world. Then Irish stouts.
  8. Check this g(l)ory out. It's a meat jelly, you eat it with mayo, and the process looks disgusting.
  9. Couldn't agree more on This war of mine, very good atmosphere.
  10. https://www.humblebundle.com/ these guys regularly offer good discounts, just gotta keep checking
  11. Oh, sorry guys didn't know that, thanks for the heads up and answers :)
  12. I've created an Instagram account about a week ago and immediately noticed my high-school blocks access to it. I googled around how to bypass these restrictions and there's an article on it https://proxyway.com/guides/how-to-unblock-instagram I have never tried proxies before, should I get a shared proxy as written in the article? And will I be able to use it to access Instagram for a long time or will their IPs be banned shortly?
  13. For online yes, but for old-school isometric RPGs it ain't a big disadvantage, hell, I even prefer it to give that "Diablo 2 barely works" feeling.
  14. I agree that big publishers/developers have dropped in quality for a while now I really think it's because game industry became very money oriented, all those microtransactions, pre-orders, seasonal passes etc...It's more about marketing than gameplay. Just look at Fallout series, it shifted from one of the most complex RPGs with a wonderful story into a sandbox with nearly no story and dialogs at all. IMHO it's because it just sells. It's been quality time for smaller publishers though. Shadowrun series is a huge success in modern RPGs, Pillars of eternity, Tyranny, Wasteland 2...in the other opera Stardew valley is an excellent game, much more than just a farm builder. Darkest Dungeon has a great atmosphere and rewarding gameplay, UnderRail I haven't tried, but it looks very well developed and received high marks. Things change, and surely there are lots of disappointments.