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  1. Just mentioning it, I don't even think I have a virus... I mean, games are, quite literally, the only things I have on my gaming machine except for the Windows 10 files, software drivers, software needed for my games and Google Chrome. I've even uninstalled the installation files for all of my programs. Perhaps I should uninstall everything on my computer (except for the Windows 10 files of course) and go from there... I should also do a scan of both of my drives as you previously mentioned. Thanks
  2. I don't think you understand. I didn't mention anything about restarting my computer. Instead, I wrote about if resetting the computer would have the same effect. What I mean by this is the 'sysem32' files are deleted alongside all other files. After this, 'system32' is installed again, but without all other files. This results in a clean installation. After it's installed, you have to set up Windows again. This is an option through the Settings through: Update & Security > Recover > Reset this PC
  3. For this, couldn't I just reset my computer and wouldn't it have the same effect? I mean, the only thing I use for my gaming machine is to play games on Steam. I don't have any important information or files ever saved on either one of my drives.
  4. Hello again. So, I only had one stick of memory, so I decided to try taking out and putting in the RAM stick for the tenth time today. Guess what? Everything is working now. Also, I didn't mention this because I figured I didn't need to, but before these two issues came about, according to my Windows 10 installation, two files within 'system32' were corrupt and I spent about an hour with Microsoft support. In the middle of troubleshooting my issue, the two issues came about and I gave up. Since then, I tried everything I could imagine such as reinstalling my RAM, reinstalling my graphics cart, reinstalling my processor and making sure all of the cables were plugged in correctly. With no progress made, I just decided to make this forum in case anybody could help me fix my two issues. Today has just been a cluster of bad things happening with my technology... At least it's fixed now
  5. What's the best way to clean the Intel stock heat sink?
  6. I turned my computer on this morning and it was in a cycle of turning off and on and nothing was being displayed on my monitor. I tried turning it on again without the RAM and it worked, but nothing was being displayed on my monitor. I don't know if it's the RAM or the RAM slot and I don't know why nothing is being displayed on my monitor. If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix my two issues, please let me know. Also, I've provided my computer specifications down below if needed... Computer specifications: Motherboard: ASRock B250M Pro4 Processor: Intel Core i3 7100 Graphics card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050Ti
  7. Can I fit an ASrock B250M Pro4 motherboard into a Thermaltake V1 Core case?