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  1. Can u pls tell me why in gt 710  2gb  when I see it throw dxdiag.exe I found a total approximately 3809 it is an 2gb card or more to 3809

    1. Xeon_Incorperated


      ? I’ve been having the same problem except my pc crashes


  2. Ok so I can’t change the graphics card since it is part of the motherboard but it does have expansion slots I’m I’m yet to get it evaluated for compatibly but I have a STANDARD DP to HDMI converter since that’s how I connect it to my HDMI monitor how it want it setup is PC STANDARD DP OUTPUT to STANDAD DP - HDMI Converter to CAPTURE CARD to Monitor
  3. Ok so hi I need a capture card for my pc and I need help buying one. i already have spent months trying to find a converter to hook my pc to my monitor. because my pc is standard display port and monitor is hdmi but now I need a capture card since I mangled to get adapter for standard DP to HDMI I just need a capture card the I can put in between the adapter and monitor. But is there such a thing so hdmi input one on side and output on other side