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    Women, computers, rockets, tech and big stumpy robots
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    I was born some time ago and i'm still alive
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    It technician working in BI


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    Ryzen 3700X
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG STRIX X570-E
  • RAM
    16GB of G.SKILL 3200 (RGB)
  • GPU
    EVGA RTX 2070 super XC
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    Mastercase H500p mesh
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    MP-600 NVME 1Tb - Samsung Pro 960 512 NVME - 2 Seagate baracuda 7200 RPM 2TB
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    Seasonic Focus GX-850
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    MG28UQ 4K monitor
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    Cooling Corsair H150i Pro
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    G-910 W/ Romer G tactile
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    G 502 Hero (wired)
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    Logitech X-530 and Razer Tiamat
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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    An Old crappy one

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  1. Yeah media vault is easier Raid five means at least 3 disks where one is used for parity. I say get you disk from different vendors so that they are not from the same batch and, should they fail, wont fail in cascade. If you have no gear at all, I recommend a Raspberry pie and a sata 3 disk enclosure. You'll need the pie, an SB card, an enclosure and your disks. It's pretty easy to setup and low power consumption.
  2. Oh boy... it looks like an RMA mate.. So sorry... Maybe try another set of speakers? or rollback to a previous driver?
  3. Not sure, I got the ROG software so mine is in advanced config. Check your speaker in your tray and make sure you sound output is with your speakers and not line out or something
  4. Do you plug the speak hot or cold? Is autodetect on? that might be the issue
  5. And you are sure you have the right drivers? If so, in your realtech icon in your tray, make you you have to correct playback device
  6. Do you mean it failed to uninstall of that the procedure didn't work? Are you on widows 7 or 10?
  7. 1 It's Overkill, you can drive a NAS with a Raspberry Pie and a disk enclosure. 2 Can't talk about other products but you need to setup linux for FreeNAS. If setting up Linux is no problem for you then setting up FreeNAS is about the same level of difficulty. 3 Depending on your budget and the place in your case, RAID 1 or RAID 5. 4 Any WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf.
  8. I got a 502 Lightspeed. It's a nice mouse I would buy one again. For the headset, check your gaming time and get one you can wear for as long as you usually game. I use the Razer TIammat
  9. Your GTX-980 will be hilariously under powered for the rest of that machine. Hey if you want to put 13 inch wheels on a Ferrari who are we to judge ;) Oh yes we are NERDS.... Jokes aside... Considering that as today we have no launch date and that GPU are usually out around October (and BOed almost right away), I would probably get that RTX-2080Ti and Cry a little, then resell it... it's still going to be top top GPU in a year. Nvidia wont push the 3070 or the 3080 over the old flagship. Even today a GTX-1080Ti hold up as well as a RTX 2070 super in most respects. Now for your CPU choice... There you have it. Also... ditch the optical drive unless you actually need it for work.
  10. IT's all about the bang for the bucks. Yes Intel is still the king of gaming (barely) but AMD is the king of value. It's: Pay 500$ for 100 FPS or pay 400$ for 95 FPS. It's your money but right now, as far as value goes, AMD is slaughtering Intel everywhere but at the very high end. Your Intel mobo might be cheaper than your AMD but it's a dead architecture with nowhere to go.
  11. No it wont you need a mobo with socket 1151 (300)
  12. They seem way less Sketchy than other offering (read scams) you will find on social media ads. That being said, unless you need the financing, I would stay away. You are better off ordering parts and building yourself. Yhe community here is very helpful if you submit your build in the planning section.