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  1. and i did the same thing for cache and gpu
  2. ok i did it, i also tryed turning the cpu core ofset to negative does it help or it doesnt do enything good?
  3. like whan you have the colon for BD PROCHOT you uncheck it so it looks like that?
  4. sorry i forgot to say that my cpu is at max at 72C, my can turbo there too but after 15-21 min. it goes to 0.77@
  5. Hi, I have a Dell laptop with Intel core i5-4300M witch base clock is at 2.60GHz usually when i have been playing Minecraft it was fine on CPU throttle my laptop can do above 100FPS in Minecraft and yesterday i started my laptop and i played Minecraft for about 20 min. than my FPS went to 40-5 i opened task manager and i looked at my CPU speed and it was on 0.77GHz and i disabled SpeedStep and my Cpu is sitting only at max 72C so i dont understand. I tried Throttle stop i tried changing Power plan to High Performance, Power Saving, Balanced. Non of them worked so i am here asking for help please help me, because when i cant play Minecraft than i cant play any game because Minecraft is very low end game so please help me. Thank you!