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  1. I am having trouble with my sound in call of duty on my pc. i just bought it yesterday and from the first time i loaded it up i had no sound, i went into my settings and configured my output and input. But still have no sound in the game... and i know my headset is working just fine because it works on everything else besides COD.. This is off topic and game related but i have been helped a lot of times on this site so i went ahead and tried to see.
  2. okay so what about like the other m.2 where instead of having one small end piece, there is 2?
  3. so yes it would work?
  4. I just need to know if this m.2 would work for my MOBO. And how would i tell if this would work? Just got into PC building, and am still kinda new o it... Help lol
  5. Minatard12

    Wsky 1200Mbps Wireless USB WiFi Adapter

    well i just moved and the situation im in i cant have an Ethernet at the moment and need a wifi adapted for the time being. so my question is, will it have the capability to run games. or to really answer my question, is it a shitty wifi adapter?
  6. would this work well for gaming? Like a gaming PC and perform well?
  7. I need a am4 bracket for my x370 mobo, i tried contact cooler master and i couldnt get anything back. is there any other brands like off amazon that i can get for am4? Help
  8. Minatard12

    Will this Hyper 212 fir on my MOBO?

    i dont even know how to get this. is the cooler AM3?
  9. Minatard12

    Will this Hyper 212 fir on my MOBO?

    what would be the best way to contact them, i know a lot of company's that don't respond to simple things like this.
  10. I have a Hyper 212 and i have an MSI x370 mobo, and when building it in pcpart picker, it tells me that i may need to find another bracket to fit the mobo. i cant find the bracket and i need to know if i even need the bracket.. Please help (this is what i get in pc part picker)
  11. I need to know if this m.2 will work well with my mobo...
  12. Minatard12

    NZXT - H500i (NEED HELP)

    Thank you
  13. I need to know if i can put an additional 2 or 3 more fans at the front of the case.