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  1. We can safely assume that the move from 2 to 4 cores for i3 and from 4 to 6 cores for i5 and i7 that happened with 8th gen was reaction to AMD's superior mainstream multicore performance. What do you think would have happened if AMD, instead of Ryzen, would have continued with the terrible FX lineup (so not being competitive) or bankrupted (or simply took 4-5 more years to come with Ryzen)? Do you think intel would continue to offer dual core i3 with HT, quad core i5 without HT, quad core i7 with HT? Do you think they would come up with something like mainstream i9 that would offer 6 cores with HT for mere 599 dollars? Let's use the fantasy and look into the alternate universe! I am curious about your opinions!
  2. Thanks for answers. I obviously first looked at spec sheets, reviews etc. - but these are often unavailable, or not very detailed. I am looking for sources that average tech savvy person who knows how to use google and youtube, would miss. I am considering ryzen 5 3500U because of price. Laptop will not be my daily driver, rather a device used sometimes for travelling or during maintenance of my PC. I don't want to pay more than I have to for a secondary computer and laptops with ryzen 3000 are 20% cheaper, or more.
  3. Hello guys, I have been picking a light, ryzen 5 3xxx or 4xxx equipped laptop that would replace my current Macbook Pro 11.6". My requirements are: Around 600-700USD, not much heavier than the macbook, 4+ cores, at least a little useful GPU (like, not Intel UHD, that is my reason to choose AMD) and it must have Type C port with displayport and preferably also HDMI 2.0. The thing is, that nobody writes this in their specs. There will be something like - this laptop has USB C, or this laptop has HDMI / 4k capable HDMI (that means nothing because even 1.4 can do 4K). Do you have any ideas where can I find detailed specs of majority of laptops, or how to search/what to search in order to find very detailed technical specifications? It wouldn´t hurt to also know if RAM can be replaced and other details. As I am from Slovakia and we have different selection of laptops than USA and India, many of them are not properly reviewed on internet. I am particularly looking at: Lenovo Ideapad 5 - 14ARE05 Lenovo S540-14API ASUS 14 M409DA-EK192T (although this one is on the heavier side, it is also much cheaper) Honor Magicbook 14 Redmibook 14 with Ryzen 4500U and will find more to choose from, that´s why I am not so much asking for specs, but for a way to look for the specs. Thank you!
  4. Thanks guys, that makes sense, chance of it being a false marketing is much higher than chance of china adding compatibility to intek GPU to say the least. So, gotta get a better machine. Thank you all.
  5. Well according to all specs, my device is equipped with HDMI 2.0.. unless the specs are incorrect
  6. Hi guys, I got myself a "new" HTPC - Acute Angle AA-B4. It packs Celeron N3450 and intel HD 500 graphics, but most importantly it features HDMI 2.0 connector which was crucial as I want it to run with my TV at 4k 60Hz. Unfortunately, it only shows 30Hz option. Cable is fine, as I used it previously with my PC (with GTX 1060) and it ran at 4K60 just fine. What can I do to make it work?
  7. Hey guys. Long story (Tl;dr at the end) In the past, I had SPC Spartan 3 Pro and Ryzen 5 3600. It ran with 2x8GB 3000MHz CL14 RAM (will be important later). CPU could OC to 4.175 GHz at I think around 1.35-1.37V. I was pretty much happy with the combo, I never saw temps reach 90 degrees on prime95. I unfortunately don´t remember exactly how many watts it drew, but I think I had PPT at around 9% of 1000W which means roughly 90W. That cooler is supposed to be able to cool up to 150W TDP. For reasons, I needed to upgrade most of my rig (not CPU) and I decided to sell it as whole piece and get a new one, incl. CPU. As I was happy with R5 3600, I went with the same model, but this time I had opportunity to test 3 CPUs and choose the best sillicon. So I got my hands on awesome piece of sillicon, my R5 3600 can OC to 4.45 GHz at 1.35V and even 4.5 GHz at 1.42V (but I am not running the latter one as it requires too much extra voltage for little extra frequency). I also got myself a better RAM, better GPU and especially a better air cooler, SPC Fera 3 with hopes of even quieter cooling. The new RAM is 2x16GB 3600 MHz CL16. This CPU, despite the same voltage runs at around 110W PPT (11W of 1000W). It turns out, that there is around 25W difference between running RAM at stock and at XMP frequency, so I guess the higher power output is due to better RAM. So now to the issue. Now I easily reach 95-100 degrees C on prime95. Fera 3 should (based on manufacturer spec) be able to cool 180W TDP. So my questions are: Is Fera 3 a glitch and it really can only cool up to 100-110W or I should look for mistakes in my build? Owners of comparable tower coolers (120mm fan, 4 heatpipes) - how many watts can your cooler handle on Ryzen 5 3600? I am using the original AM4 backplate, not the SPC solution, as per user manual. I am using Thermalgrizzly Hydronaut thermal paste and I re-seated the cooler to eliminate bad mount. Tl;dr: My SPC Fera 3 can only handle 110W and CPU will reach 95-100 degrees Celsius. Do you experience similar behavior? Thermal paste is thermalgrizzly Hydronaut, and I tried reseating CPU.
  8. Hey, but remember that PCIe Gen 4 is compatible with older AM4 motherboards and was removed artificially the same way as support for Zen 3...
  9. Hello guys. I run Ryzen 5 3600 all core OC at 4.45 GHz @ 1.35V on air (SilentiumPC Fera 3), mobo Gigabyte B450 Aorus M, 2x16GB G.skill Trident Z Neo 3600 MHz CL16, PSU 750W EVGA Supernova G2 (paired with Aorus GTX 1080 Ti but that last is probably not relevant). My issue, or question is: Do you also experience a significant power and heat output increase when running RAM at XMP frequency (or whatever AMD calls it)? My CPU (OCd) when running Prime95 blend test, first test: Ram at stock (2133 MHz CL15 1.2V) PPT - 8% of 1000W CPU Power – 62W SOC Power – 12.4W Ram with XMP profile applied (3600 MHz CL16 1.35V) PPT - 11% of 1000W CPU Power - 78W SOC Power - 18.1W This difference is very consistent, I tested this several times, the power consumption may vary, but there is more or less the same difference across the board.
  10. Mate, I did that before posting this thread (see my original post), I installed XTU and tweaked every possible thing in it. Then, as it did not help as much as I would have loved it to, I posted this thread.
  11. Update: My case (Cooler Master Elite 344) arrived. Despite the claims that only 148mm cooler can fit inside, and despite my cooler being 155mm (according to manufacturer) it EVER SO BARELY fits after taking off plastic heatpipe caps. So problem solved for me for 40-ish dollars. Thank you all for answers.
  12. That does not help much. Yes, definitely intel turbo boost logarithm. But it sucks because my thermals are perfectly OK and it still lowers the boost after a while. So there isn´t a way to keep it at turbo freq for longer time? Maybe if I access efi?
  13. Clicky title in LMG fashion. Now that I have your attention... I am not strictly overclocking my macbook, but. My Macbook has i5 4260 (11" 2014) and I want to squeeze as much as possible out of it (I only care about performance in Windows - bootcamp). What I did: 1. Set up custom fan curve 2. Replaced old thermal paste 3. Undervolted CPU, GPU and cache using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility 4. Some more tweaks to cooling incl. insulating a big hole between cooling fan and the heatsink This got me from thermal throttling to basically being able to run my CPU at full 2.4 GHz all-core boost and GPU at full 1.0 GHz at roughly 95°C at full (combined) synthetic load (!) while package power was around 28W. So thermals are not my issue anymore. When playing games, I stay mostly within 85°C. My issue is with power, after several minutes, something will reduce my package power to 15W and I cannot do anything about it. CPU will go down to 1.4 GHz and my FPS will drop significantly. CPU will not boost again until I let it rest for a couple minutes. My question is why? Does the CPU go back to its original 15W TDP automatically? And what can I do to keep my CPU boosting when the thermals are OK? My cooling currently CAN handle sustained 28W load. I am looking for ways to access BIOS/EFI but I don´t think I will find something there. Disclaimer: I know you are not supposed to overclock or tweak a laptop, especially macbook, thank you. I know there are better gaming laptops. I usually have a decent gaming rig, but I sold my old one and parts for the new one are still on the way. I don´t plan to punish that tiny laptop for a long time. I have it bcs it was the lightest core i5 laptop I could get atm and it is perfect for travelling.
  14. I actually seriously considered that one, but it is way too wide. I wouldn´t mind a bit larger footprint, but it has to fit into certain space and this would completely fill the space, with no room for airflow whatsoever. Inwin 301 looks good tho. Thank you! If the CM case I ordered doesn´t fit, I can return it and get the inwin case.
  15. That´s it with all cases I have seen. Either 1-2mm too narrow or 0,5-1cm too tall. Based on some educated guesses, Cooler Master Elite 344 should be good. CM claims that the case can only accommodate 148mm fan, but I think it should actually fit larger, because my brother has case that is veery similar, also should take only 148mm and we measured it, it actually can do 155. So I ordered it and either it fits, or I will get a different cooler. It would be a shame tho, because we have brand SilentiumPC that makes really cheap and good CPU coolers and their higher mid-range model Fera 3 is 155mm.