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  1. chnapo

    Talk me into / Out of a 4k Monitor

    I agree with you up to 24". When you want to go bigger than 24", 1080p is just not enough. I have 27" 1080p at work, it is only good as a secondary monitor for anything from work to gaming. Even reading text sucks. Check out benchmarks, many games can be run on GTX on 4K 60p but there are games that only 2080Ti can run on 4K60 on max FPS. Really. I have seen almost all of Linus videos, I have yet to see a video where 1080Ti beats 2080Ti. They may have better price/performance ratio but the general formula is that 2060 beats 1070 and matches 1070Ti when overclocked, 2070 beats 1080, 2080 matches or beats 1080Ti and 2080Ti is unrivaled. RTX on or off, newer generation of cards is just faster, even if we talk strictly about FPS output. Look, Linus put 2070s into his LAN center PCs, not 1080s, because 2070s are already cheap enough to be worthier than 1080s. In 60 FPS gaming, CPU does not matter so much, as long as you have a decend 4-core or 6-core Core i5 or Ryzen 5 2xxx or higher. Any decent CPU will manage 60FPS. CPUs become tricky when you want to reach or exceed 144FPS in some games. Many ryzens may have trouble with that (you may want to go for overclocked 2700x for that), as well as older intels that do not feature enough single-core proccessing power. RAM is not so important at all, you either do or do not have enough RAM, more RAM will not help if you have enough. Check out Linus's video, he found only few games that ran better with 8GB RAM than with 4GB RAM and only one (I think it was the new Tomb Raider) that saw difference between 8GB and 16GB. So for most games, even 8GB is still enough as long as you do not run any other programs. Of course cooling efficiency is something that you need to have, otherwise you will thermally throttle and your components will not output their best performance and you cannot even think about overclocking. So my conclusion is, going 60 Hz and high res will only (mostly) need a good GPU, while going lower res and 144+ Hz will also require a good CPU, preferably one of the newer generations. Second, if you know you will cap the 144Hz limit (so you will be able to play games on 144FPS with vsync) then you are just fine. But if you know that you are getting a 144Hz monitor but you will only get 100-110FPS in your favorite game, you will want to go for Gsync or Freesync monitor (depends on whether you run Nvidia or ATI GPU). Second conclusion that we may already agree on, is that high refresh rate beats high resolution in gaming. But you want to keep certain DPI so if you buy a big monitor, you want a big resolution. Also resolution is always good for productivity.
  2. I understood that company contacts LMG and not the other way around, but if there was such option, maybe more companies would contact LMG. Let's say I have a company in Europe and I want to target LMG viewers in Europe, but for that I have to pay for all of their audience, not just for Europe, and maybe 90% of people who will see the ad will not actually be my target. Of course I am speaking about Linus "This video is brought to you by ...." "Speaking of .... " spots, not youtube ads. Well that's precisely what I meant, making 3-5 videos that would have the same content, just different sponsor spots (pre-roll and end-roll ads if they are called so) based on region and then uploading them to a platform that would show the viewer only the one video chosen for his region. So floatplane users are missing out all those sponsor spots? FP is run only by subscriptions, no sponsoring? I would miss: "Speaking of awesome, our sposnor is awesome!" It was just an idea, I wanted to suggest my friend to sponsor a video for LMG to make his company better-known but then we realized that most of LMG audience is probably outside of his area of interest.
  3. I am looking for anyone who plays these old but gold games. We used to have massive battles back on primary school, years ago. In a different style than is usual for these games. We didn´t play the competitive style, but we made peace deals, custom rules, 2-3 hours long games that advanced slowly and I am missing these days. I am wondering if there is anyone else who is missing these games and who plays them for fun, not in the most competitive style. I am not looking for a person who wants to play in style of competitive players (attacking from the very begining, no custom rules, NOT building a nice castle in Stronghold, utilizing any in-game glitches that were never fixed etc.).
  4. Hi guys. This is aimed at somebody from LTT/FP although I believe this has already crossed some of their minds, as they have around 30 cherry-picked brains. But what about different sponsors for different regions? On YT it may be difficult but maybe floatplane could make that happen in future! Some sponsors are general like honey or PIA, freshbooks etc. But some are not. First, some things that you promote are too expensive for eastern europe. Other are not available in EU unless you are willing to pay expensive shipping. So now sponsors pay you even if part of their audience is irrelevant. You probably won´t have sponsors from europe because much bigger part of audience is irrelevant for them. Why not make the same video but with 2 or more different sponsor spots (in case of region-dependent sponsors) and based on region, proper video would be played? That way your sponsors would only pay for the country where they have interest and even sponsors who are from countries where you have less audience, could be interested because they would not have to sponsor the entire video. On the other hand, you could get more sponsors per video. This is suggestion for both LTT and Floatplane as LTT may be interested in having more sponsors per video - by regions, and floatplane may have that as a feature that many other creators may be interested in as well...
  5. chnapo

    Good way to make money

    My recipe to make money for gaming PC parts is buying PC parts. Let me explain: Watch some scrapyard wars for inspiration. Get some office computer with UEFI motherboard (it must be UEFI and check if it has regular PSU plugs and not customary, I personally avoid HPs for this reason), socket 1155 and some i5 2400, i5 2500, i5 3450, 3470 or something like that - very decend quad-core CPU that will handle pretty much all games incl. many new AAA titles, but also is old enough for PCs with this CPU to be cheap. You can get such computer for some 80-100 eur in my country. If the computer comes in a small case for a GPU, get a nice case, something like Zalman S2 for around 30 eur - with plexi-glass side bcs it looks cool. Get a cheap 120gig SSD for around 20-25 eur (Patriot Burst or something alike) - a new one, not used. Or invest 3-5 eur more and get something with dram cache, like Adata SU800. If the computer has bad PSU (it most likely will have something around 350W) get a decent, used 500-600W PSU, note that it must have 6+8pin or 8+8pin for GPU. It will cost you around 20 eur. And finally, get a GPU. Get a GTX 770, 780, 970 or a 1060 3G/6G that comes from some mining rig, you can get these (in my beautiful country of Slovakia) for 60, 65, 80, 100 and 110 EUR respectively. I would opt for GTX 780 as it creates the least bottleneck with the named CPUs. Check if it has 8GB RAM and if not, add some RAM. 8GB is enough. So now you have a computer (for building, check out Linus´s build guide) for 100+25+20+65 (+30) that cost you 210-240 eur depending on how many parts you needed. Computer with such specs can be usually sold for over 300-350 eur. Put it on local craigslist or equivallent in your country for a price that is good for you, let´s say price of all parts + 100 eur, in my case it would be 310-340 eur depending on the cost of the computer. It will not sell immediately, but you don´t want that. Now let´s sum it up: 1. You had fun, you had your own little scrapyard wars (or scrapyard run). 2. You had fun building a PC. 3. You have a free PC that will run any new game (because on quad-core i5, 8GB RAM and GTX 780 you can run pretty much anything). You can play Witcher 3 on it on FHD medium/high 60FPS! And it is FREE because you will sell it later, so it will eventually cost you nothing. You can play games on it until you manage to sell it. 4. You have a free 100 EUR. Because you sold the computer with a gain. Then build another one. Flip 3 computers like this and you will have enough free money to build your own computer that you will keep. Let´s take it one step further. Now you have a computer, but let´s upgrade it. Continue buying and selling PCs and parts. Sometimes you will run into an older gaming PC that is really cheap because something doesn´t work. But it will have Z-series motherboard. Another computer will have non-overclocking motherboard but a K CPU that will fit into that Z series motherboard (mind the socket and bios support). Another PC will have a beefy cooler on a regular 65W CPU. My point is, that you will manage to buy and sell computers, not loose any money on it and put away the best parts for your own build. This way you will soon have an upgraded computer with overclocking capability soon.
  6. chnapo

    Talk me into / Out of a 4k Monitor

    Many games do not feature 4K textures, so if you are into anything else but newest AAA games, you will not enjoy the real 4K anyway. Imho, 1440p is very detailed, definitely enough for gaming where you do not see individual pixels. But what matters is refresh rate. Go for 144Hz monitor, or 240Hz monitor, especially if you plan to play any faster-moving game. You will get more details. Why? Because movement will be blurry on 60Hz monitor, you will have millions of pixels but no detail in movement. Just try on your 60Hz monitor, move this very browser window and try to read text while moving it. Cannot see? But you have more than enough pixels to be able to read it! So why add pixels anyway. You can add some, if you want a bigger monitor (that´s why you may want 1440p) but most definitely add refresh rate. Unless you use it for work where you have a static picture and you need a good detail (graphical design etc.), more Hz will bring you better detail than more pixels. Second reason for 1440p 144Hz over 4k 60Hz is this: You need RTX 2080Ti to run all games on 4k 60FPS max details. Or 2080/1080Ti on medium/high. Running game on less than 60FPS personally sucks for me, and running a game on lower than native resolution sucks a lot. So 1440p60 is not an option on 4K monitor. But if you get 1440p 140Hz monitor, you will run less demanding games like CS: GO on 144Hz and more demanding on less, for example 60HZ. Both will look very well as all 144Hz monitors support 60Hz mode. Also if you have an RTX 2080TI, you will be able to fully utilize it on 144Hz 1440p monitor as it is actually more demanding for your hardware to play a game on 1440p144 than 4K60.
  7. When I plug in the headphones, or any other audio device, the driver gives me a pop up message that I connected something, so I think it is running already, right? I tried reboot, reinstall OS, but I can try to open that exe manually.
  8. Only one at the time, I selected the proper device in "sound devices". Tried both rear audio jack and also front (case) audio jack (of course plugged into motherboard).
  9. Hey guys. I have motherboard Asus P8B75-V with core i5 2400 inside. I installed Win 7 64-bit, audio drivers and other stuff and plugged in my headphones. Driver recognized that there is something in the headphone port (it wrote "rear port connected" or something like that. I played some music, on the volume bar in the right bottom corner, windows was showing that sound is being played into my headphones, but there was no sound. Can this be faulty motherboard? It has never happened to me. When there is faulty sound card, Windows does not recognize sound outputs, does not show volume bar (or shows "mute" all the time) and it does not allow me to install drivers. What could be the cause?
  10. chnapo

    Is the BIOS of the 8300 legacy /uefi

    Did you try? How did it go?
  11. Hey there, is there anobody who is using these cool gaming/racing chairs/seats for daily work, sitting 8h/day in them? It seems that entire LMG uses them, but idk if they sit 8h/day as they often shoot videos. I personally feel comfortable in them (I am Linus-sized) but I never had opportunity to sit in one for more than 30 minutes. I want my boss to buy me such chair for me, but first I want to know if it is really good for daily use. Please share your experience (just don't say it is too small for you, be sure it will not be too small for me). Aren't you sweating too much? Any back pain? Anything I should be aware of before I have my boss buy me one? I tried office chairs that have lots of different anathomic functions but I still think gaming/racing seat may be more comfortable.
  12. chnapo

    Car 'expert'?

    You could actually use steeper gears for steering, they are available for certain cars. Let's say that in order to fully rotate your wheels, you have to do 3 rotations of steering wheel. With steeper gears, it will be for example one and a half. That will effectively make it 2 times harder to rotate your steering wheel AND it will give you much sportier feeling. It is used on racing cars. It will put more load on your power steering though so it may or may not decrease its mileage, it is difficult to say whether it will or not.
  13. Hey guys (and girls), I need advice. I need to compare PDF files, text and graphics. Right now I am using photoshop. Let's say I need to compare 3 PDF files. I open all of them, photoshop rasterizes them, then I hit flatten image and duplicate layer and I copy 2 of them as layers on the third file, this way I get 3 pictures overlapping each other. By simply turning certain layer on and off I can easily spot differences between any of compared files. Also, there is "difference" mode in PS that will black out everything and only show differences. BUT - that is the only thing I use PS for. It is pretty expensive when I use it to ONLY compare PDF files. I am looking for an alternative. I tried affinity software - problem is that any affinity program opens PDF as editable. I need to open PDF rasterized, non-editable, because it must not change. As soon as I open it in affinity, it changes (I don't have all of the specific fonts that are used in the PDF) text formatting and then it is useless to me. Most of PDF comparison tools compare only texts but I really need to compare them visually. Any advice for me? Thanks
  14. Also I have reply for all that may ask the same question - I finally found a guy who tested both of them (bcs everybody tested either MSI or Auros Xtreme and you know how difficult is to compare products that were tested by different reviewers). MSI is definitely better, only little in performance but thanks to its heavier heatsing and better fans, it runs cooler (OC MSI runs cooler than stock Aorus Xtreme) and therefore it is significantly less noisy. It was reviewed by Hardware unboxed (I believe it is legal to put there tech content from other channels than Linus...?) - review of MSI Gaming X Trio: and then later he reviewed Aorus Xtreme and compared it to the MSI Gaming X Trio.
  15. I have modular PSU, it should be OK, right? I just add one more cable to it