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    Transportation Engineer


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    HP 836B :/
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    16 BGB
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    umm, laptop
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    umm, laptop
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    Ubuntu 17.1

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  1. I take it that your parents never told you, "NO!" Just think how much joy it will bring when/if it arrives.
  2. OMG you people... I'm putting the 9400f in my MSI h310i, I doubt with 65W TDP it's going to be tearing up VRMs. Plus it's 160 at new egg for a few more days. You guys should relax a little, none of this crap is rocket surgery.
  3. fargonaz

    Westinghouse L2210NW Issue

    Try a different cable?
  4. fargonaz

    Good head phones for a big head? and rec desk speakers?

    Just got a pair of Corsair Void Pro. I'm real happy so far; very comfy for long sessions.
  5. fargonaz

    1070 or 2070

    A used 1070(ti) is the best value at THIS POINT in time, for an nvidia card.
  6. fargonaz

    Mouse problems in Windows 10

    I'd just replace it. Switches are mechanical things that can go bad. Could possibly be the cord too, I have a mouse that I have to zip tie the cord in a speciifc way to get it to register movement. Good luck!
  7. fargonaz

    Mouse problems in Windows 10

    Neither left or right buttons work?
  8. fargonaz

    Help getting RC car

    As long as it has a metal chassis and what stewie said, you can buy replacement parts. R/C planes are cheaper than cars.
  9. fargonaz

    Cpu start smelling burnt

    The only computer stuff that I have actually seen burn was a controller chip on an old HDD: burned very brightly for about a second and stunk real bad.
  10. fargonaz

    Cpu start smelling burnt

    I'd just let it go until it quits, while preparing to replace or upgrade. The bump looks like delamination due to abnormal thermal expansion; something is shorted. While this may cause a fire, it will be small and short lived. Please have a small fire extinguisher on hand before proceeding.
  11. fargonaz

    MSXML 6.0 problems when installing quick books

    You might need to register the product again. A few applications tie their registration/licenses to the HDD ID.
  12. fargonaz

    What would be fair price for used GTX1080 FE?

    Ummm, ebay... maybe auction it, and see what the market bears?
  13. Check the secure boot option in your bios is disabled.
  14. fargonaz

    Windows 10 can't start, can't reinstall!

    Try a low level disk application that will allow you to write a new MBR. You could try a live linux CD and use gparted.
  15. fargonaz

    Climate change real or hoax?

    Ya, we should be careful, the canadians have laws. Yes there is climate change, caused by hoomans, that's the hoax.