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  1. Eong

    What headset?

    MSI AMD Ryzen B450 GAMING PLUS Max AM4 ATX Motherboard
  2. Eong

    What headset?

    So the DT 770s would not need an amp/dac? What are the differences between the AntLion 4, 5 and uni?
  3. Eong

    What headset?

    I can see that is a studio headset, would it be good for gaming?
  4. Eong

    What headset?

    Hey I'm currently using the HyperX Cloud Gaming headset, but its cable has snapped. I've got a £150 budget, any recommendations? Kind regards, Eong
  5. Eong

    Which GPU?

    They've already been using the PC for like 2 years, just deciding to upgrade the GPU.
  6. Eong

    Which GPU?

    @Oswin @Fasauceome
  7. Eong

    Which GPU?

    Would the 520W Seasonic M1211-520 before enough to power the card?
  8. Eong

    Which GPU?

    Good to hear, thanks everyone.
  9. Eong

    Which GPU?

    Hey, My friend has the Gigabyte B450M DS3H AMD Ryzen Micro-ATX DDR4 Motherboard, paired with the 2600 and GT 710, but they'd like to start gaming and are considering a 5600 XT, would the mobo be a bottleneck? Kind regards, Eong
  10. While I 100% agree with that, I'd say sellers have been marking up the price a bit too much where I am.
  11. Maybe its where I am, but the boards are selling way above the expected price and often are out of stock.
  12. Are the boards worth the hassle and insane markup? Got a source on the DDR4 support?
  13. There is also Lubuntu, but I personally use Fedora and have found it to be pretty smooth.
  14. Recently AMD dropped the B550 boards, they've been selling like hotcakes and are pretty pricey compared to their predecessors. Zen 3 will be the last CPU to support DDR4 before AMD makes the jump to DDR5, so are the new boards really worth the extra hassle and money if the predecssors will also support Zen 3?