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General K3nobi

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  • Birthday 2005-08-28

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    Gnrl K3nobi #7742
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    I want to know how cpus, gpus, ram, power supply and every piece of technology works

    Currently trying to understand Audiophile sand photographer stuff.
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    I do stream, just don't expect me to be active cuz my bro won't let me play the pc
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  1. Yes ok I will, it's just that some subjects are just honestly not worth my time such as arts and Chinese. But in the case of Math tho, yes no worries I'll pay attention to that
  2. Is there any way for Windows built-in Volume Mixer to change the volume for individual chrome tab window? Yes, I have tried Chrome extension - Volume mixer, but it truly fucks up the audio very badly Here's an example of individual chrome tab window: the teacher's mic are just too not-consenting-my-ear (earr@pe) at all and I can't watch my tech news without being scream in the ear about how important Jupiter is to us eathlings, not that there's anything wrong with Jupiter protecting us from a lot of meteor.
  3. No this just happened a few minutes ago, first time seeing it
  4. But is there any explanation how this is happening? And what is causing this?
  5. It seems like closing task manager and reopening it help but I'm concern it's gonna happen it the future again
  6. Update: ok now the networking tab is gone oh no send help
  7. I was watching Techquikie when It starts to buffer a fuck ton, so I look up my task manager and this is what I see: Is this a bug? A new feature? An old feature that accidentally got in? Or something else?
  8. and by removing it from my acc, i mean this button right here "Remove from account"
  9. My brother use my steam acc to play Brawlhalla, cuz smurf. If I were to remove it from my acc, will it delete the whole Brawlhalla files and I have to reinstall it? And will it reset the progress?
  10. Disk is Samsung MCG8C. I know it's bad but how bad?
  11. Do you pronounce it Ti or Ti?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. lewdicrous
    3. General K3nobi

      General K3nobi

      ah i see

    4. dizmo


      I say tee-I, but honestly it makes more sense that it's Tie. T.I. would be the former.

  12. Happy father's day to the tech dad and dad in general around the world

  13. Laptop is a T100Chi. When I press Fn + F6 (which shows up brightness on this keyboard) it doesn't up the brightness of my laptop's display. Same goes for the F5 (lower brightness), F1 (looks a sleep button) and F9 (disable trackpad). Is there anyway to fix this? I already update my driver through device manager. But this keyboard is a bluetooth keyboard, so maybe that's the issue? Bluetooth keyboard can't do this stuff maybe? Here's a picture of the keyboard: yes that is a broken right arrow button, i got boring at one point
  14. Where did you get the Linus Pic for your avatar from?

    1. General K3nobi

      General K3nobi

      Easy, from @LinusTech twitter account