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  1. If one Stick is detected, then first try to test it out with Memtest86 (leave it running till one full cycle finished). then replace the RAM Module with the other, if it is detected then do the testing with Memtest86 again. (Burn the ISO with "RUFUS" or a similar tool) If one RAM Module does show up as defective or does not show up at all, then don't throw it away. Many brands offer a "lifetime" warranty, therefore you should be able to get a free replacement (at least if you contact the manufacturer directly). I forgot to consider, that since one module could already have been defective a week ago, maybee when you did that last BIOS update, then that Update could already have gone wrong. Beacause this might in fact be the cause, make sure to check the detected RAM Module for good, then flash the same BIOS Update again, then do the Reset. I still think, that you should do a reset on your BIOS Settings, because sometimes when new BIOS updates provide new functionality, your previous save data does not include or cover all the new settings. I think there might be something wrong because your Moudule should detect in slot A2, therefore take pictures from all your current BIOS settings and then do the reset as I described. The pictures might be nice to have, when you have to enter your settings again. Make sure that you know, what your current storage settings are. If your system is now configurated as "IRS" or "AHCI" then you should set these setting again after the Reset, because otherwise your OS will perhaps be unable to boot. If you are lucky, both modules will detect after you did the reset. but please run first the "Memtest86" or "Memtest86+", both are standalone and available as an ISO CD image. Run Memtest again, when both module are detected to be save that not one of the Registers (for dual Channel Mode) is defective. That should be all. Link to free edition of commercial Memtest86: https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm Link to Open Source Memtest86+: http://www.memtest.org/#downiso
  2. Follow the recommendated settings within the Manual, for a Two RAM Modul Configuration use Slots A2 and B2 If this does not help then go on and read the rest. How new is your BIOS? there have been quiet a lot of updates to fix stability issues... Here you could find your MB Manual: H170_PRO_GAMING BUT BEFORE YOU UPDATE! It's possible that one or both of your RAM modules are broken, or that just your BIOS is "confused" after all the changes. But if you install a BIOS Update with a broken RAM module, you risk to BRICK your Mainboard. Therefore I recommend to follow these steps. 1. Remove the Power cord from the Power Suply. 2. Press the power button a few times (to empty remaining voltage from all caps). 3. Put back one Module to Slot A2 (as recommended within the Manual at chapter: 1.4.2) Optional try here to power on.... if it does not help then restart from "1" and continue. 4. Reset CMOS (There are two Jumpers, be sure to use the right one... ( Within the Manual at 1.6 , 1 Clear RTC RAM !! This will erase your BIOS Settings !!) 5. Connect the Power cord 6. Power On. 7. Use a tool like "Memtest86" to check the RAM (if your system posts). When the Test with Memtest86 passes, then update your BIOS... Follow the recommendated settings within the Manual, for a Two RAM Modul Configuration use Slots A2 and B2
  3. If your using two RAM modules, then please try it again with just one. what kind of Laptop is it? for some there exists key combinations to load BIOS Defaults.
  4. gabbel

    Wifi is slow

    You could try to check with tools like "Wifi Analyzer" if someone else in your neighborhood did setup a WiFi within an overlapping channel. this could effect the speed within your WiFi.
  5. ? you could show your dad what an "Ultra-Thin Ethernet Network LAN Cable Flat" looks like and if he agrees and if the router is one room away these are a nice solution, because they could be wired from a window to another and are easy to hide, after all your internet connection would also be more reliable...
  6. Please try aswell what corrado33 sugested, cause driver related issues could still be an issue otherwise I'm out of ideas. You don't own a NVME drive therefore drivers should not be the main issue. You could still try to reset your BIOS settings but then you need to setup them from scratch...
  7. I'm wrong, even with a 32 bit system you should be able to detect the drive, just you would be unable to boot.
  8. Latest BIOS is: Version 1601 https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-E-GAMING/HelpDesk_BIOS/
  9. When using a Windows, is it a 64 Bit Version (cause of MBR based partition limit and addressing limits)
  10. Just make sure, that you got the new storage in the correct slot to the bottom edge of the Mainboard. The slot close to the CPU does not support "SATA Mode" therefore I think that your storage would never be detected in slot "M.2_2"...
  11. According to the Manual: ROG_STRIX_Z370-E_GAMING You need to place your new M.2 Storage into the lower of both M.2 slots (Labeled: " M.2_1(SOCKET3) ") see "Page 1-19" Then try again to detect your storage. If you already did this, then try force your BIOS to SATA Settings for M.2 see "Page 3-18" M.2_1 Configuration: [SATA mode] and M.2_2 PCIe Bandwidth Configuration: [X4] but if this does not work then try [X2] ?
  12. what kind of system do you own? Did you know that some M.2 slots do not have any SATA wires in place, because then you would be out of luck.... Please tell me what "Model" you got and I will try to find the information if your system does support M.2 storage...
  13. I compared the two CPU's i3-4150 vs i7-4770S And the i3-4150 does not support trusted execution, therefore I will give it another shot and just disable "Trusted Execution" for once on the i7... thank you all for your help so far.