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    I peeled a Banana once..
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    X470 Crosshair VII (Wi-Fi)
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    FlareX 3400c14
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    Asus Strix Vega 56
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    Phanteks Entho Pro M
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    500gb 970 EVO M.2 / 512gb SATA SSD
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    EVGA G3 650 Gold
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    32" 4k Acer
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    Corsair K55
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  1. @Masada02 Think I'll take the best 2080 score as well, I'm hoping I can do better, this was a quick OC after some testing. Also, can you change my username for the RX Vega 64 too, please (ChewToy! to ch3w2oy). Thanks a lot!!! Superposition 1080p Extreme CPU Intel i7 9700K @ 5.2GHz GPU EVGA 2080 FTW3 +115 core / +980 mem Avg FPS 58.43 Score 7811 Core Clock 2088-2100mhz Mem Clock 7980
  2. ch3w2oy

    Good replacement for melted system?

    Go Ryzen. Get a 2600 or 2600x and you'll have a nice system that can be upgraded over the years. I would personally get a 2600 and good X470 motherboard to handle future upgrades. I had the 2600x and it's plenty for now, I do web and graphic design. The 6c/12t is just unbeatable at its price, if gaming isn't your priority, Intel should not be the first consideration when you're on a budget..
  3. ch3w2oy

    Which TN Panel? This IPS Worth It?

    @i_build_nanosuits Does the xf270hu and the one you have use the same display? I remember doing a Google search the other day and I saw you commented about it in January.. I just bought one from Micro Center because the dude I was trading tried giving me the TN panel LOL.
  4. @Plutosaurus I just adjusted to 5.2 at 1.32v after almost 2 hours with 5.0 1.22v. I tried 5.4 at 1.38v for shits and giggles and crashed. So far 5.2 is stable but hopefully I can lower the voltage some more, see how lucky I get I guess.. Trying Aida64 for this run. So far I'm impressed. Better overclocker than my 8700k was, but I ran cinebench and was about 10 points below (at 5.2) the 8700k at 5.0 lol. Don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty happy I went this route. I'm really digging this 9700k and 2080 setup.
  5. Yea, after my X470 Gaming 7, I really like Gigabyte. The BIOS is fine for me (AMD and Intel), I'm not sure why I see so many issues about it online.. I almost got the master (glad I didn't) but I found the ultra for a good price.
  6. Didn't like the motherboard. The RGB just looked retarded, nothing like pictures online. I figured if I was getting the Z390 Aorus I might as well sell both the 8700k and motherboard as a pair. I lost like 10 or 20 bucks.. I like this board a lot so seems like a good trade..
  7. ch3w2oy

    Radeon Settings, Gigabyte Aorus Engine or both?

    Whatever you want. You should install Radeon drivers, which install the settings and then you just leave it alone and use Aorus Engine or Afterburner. I wouldn't use Aorus Engine. The Radeon settings are pretty good too use.
  8. ch3w2oy

    10-Core No HT vs 8-Core With HT

    If HT adds 30% (of a real core) per thread you're looking at about 7.8 cores for 6c/12t. 8c/16t is similar to 10.4 cores. So it wouldn't be the same. 8c/16t would actually be better. Let's say HT adds 40% performance increase per core. 6c/12t would equal about the same as 8.4 cores without HT. 8c/16t would be similar performance to a 11.2 core CPU, which is more powerful than a 10 core with similar architecture or IPC.
  9. ch3w2oy

    Am I leaving performace on the table?

    Looks like you might need to upgrade your CPU. You can run tests on your SSDs and HDDs using crystaldiskmark. Use userbenchmark.com to run a simple test on your components. I do this every once in a while just to see if anything has changed. Cleaning up your drives and reinstalling windows seems to always help.. The difference between SATA and NVMe in every day use isn't that noticeable, so going to PCIe 3.0 x2/x4 won't change much unless you're moving or editing large files often. For the RAM, try something less than 3200mhz, it might just be your board. Use the preset for 3200 and then just change the frequency manually to 3000mhz. 2100mhz is really low for 3200mhz RAM. I'm not an expert with RAM, but just my 2 cents.
  10. Gotcha, exactly what I was asking. Didn't know if it would make the paste more runny and drip down on my GPU or not.. Probably stupid to even ask. Thanks, though.
  11. I will go that high as well for 5.2 (if I'm lucky). I checked it at 30 minutes and temps are still down. I will test stability by other means as synthetics are just my first step. Pornhub is my second and then gaming. Battlefield V actually came with my RTX 2080 so it looks like that'll be my third test. Do you think the liquidy non dry cpu paste is okay to leave heated at 70-90 degrees celcius for 8-9 hours without letting it cure or set it for a while first?
  12. Is it okay if I leave my computer running over night with prime95 or aida64 with brand new thermal paste? I'm using NT-H2 by Noctua and it says there's no cure time. I'm not the smartest person in the world so if someone can reassure that it's okay that would be awesome. 9700k @ 5ghz 1.22v Z390 Aorus ultra Which setting in prime95 is best for stability? Small ffts, in - place large ffts, or blend? I'm running small ffts right now as recommended by the Gigabyte z390 guide. 10 mins with 1.22v has yet to reach 72 DEGREES (CPU package, under CPU #0-7 stays in 60s and 40s) so I left it alone, if this isn't good for 8 hours with new paste let me know please. 1.300v brought it to 80 degrees within 10 minutes. Hoping to go below 1.22v or maybe a higher OC if test is a success? For Aida64 I check mark ONLY cpu when running stability test, is that fine? (not running at same time). How do I ensure AVX is being tested with my OC? I've read this can cause issues with high overclocks if I don't have an offset? So far this CPU is running a lot better than my 8700k did, I'm sure this board helps, too.. Any advice or thoughts are welcome!
  13. ch3w2oy

    Raid 0..? Do any drives work?

    Thanks, I think so too. Trying to do research before I buy them. I'm just experimenting for fun so I don't care if real world performance is noticeable..
  14. The Intel 660p 1tb NVMe drives are on sale for $109 right now. If I run these in raid 0 what will my performance be like? Better than sx8200? Does 2x1tb drives in raid 0 = 2tb storage? I'm either gonna grab two of these or just one sx8200 pro 1tb. Which will be better in terms of performance? This would be my first time, any tips appreciated.. I will also back up entire copy to HDD for redundancy often.
  15. ch3w2oy

    Which TN Panel? This IPS Worth It?

    Haha. I really should shouldn't I? No compromises.