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  1. I have got a santivirus in my comp can i get advice?
  2. Thank you for your advice but my genius son said we will get a ryzen 5 new chip and a new board will cost almost the same and I will be current.

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      No worries, glad you found a solution.

  3. I have Fios and their modem with wifi should i buy a wifi router independently my comp is hardwired so would just be for phones and visitors?
  4. Thanks guys I will do that move to the I7 4770 or the 4970 I appreciate all your help
  5. Hi guys i have a asus z97 mb and a core i5 4460 my loving son Xmased me a 5700 card which is awesome but my chip my be a problem but I am on a fixed income so need to upgrade with care I get confused between all the same models and number and dont know what to compare it much harder than comparing cards and such any advice would be welcomed
  6. I have a asus z87 pro motherboard and want to up grade i have a 5 I, 4 core 4460 chip I play fallout 4 and now with my 2 gb gpu cant will this run or do i need to upgrade other components.