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  1. Going from a 1050ti to a 1060 Would I need to uninstall the current drivers before installing the 1060?
  2. Currently my gpu stays around 50-60 degrees while playing games, is this ok?
  3. how long should i run prime95 for and what settings
  4. Yeah dude thats stopped it thanks
  5. Yeah just check it's only happening to two cores
  6. Just noticed something weird, it doesn't happen when im playing games
  7. When its not spiking up its around 30-35 idle and when it spikes it goes to about 45
  8. Mobo is asus prime b350 plus. cpu is ryzen 5 1600x It spikes up for just about a second, should I do anything?
  9. Couldnt find anywhere to do that in the bios
  10. Already tried that cant find anything about it.
  11. Mobo is asus prime b350 plus. Turbo is causing some instability issues so I need to turn it off, but how?
  12. My cpu temp keeps spiking up to around 45 degrees then dropping back to 32. Should I be worried