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  1. Here are 3 more examples with psu outbox just to show it's screwed wrong issue also one is with sata/pcie disconnected and one with. I came to a point that i have to uplug cable from psu when i go to sleep because crackling is just beyond irattating. And since this psu i bought this psu like 3/4 months ago buying new psu is out of option for now. I'll collect more evidence and try to return it for replacement since i do have warranty for 3 years.
  2. Also i think already mentioned i already did this.
  3. From any of 7 videos you don't hear clicking / ticking?
  4. So i just wanna make sure i'm not in wrong here, i bought new psu in novembar or decembar of last year and was working fine untill june 5th then buzzing started it wasn't constant but it was weird because it buzzed when turn off even what's weird it buzzed even more then switch on psu is turned off, not to mention the extra buzzing noise in speakers from time to time and mic as well people on discord constantly complained about it. So after a week i decide to return it to store with complaint about buzzing they said they will send to mainc office for checkup / repair week passes by they send me txt msg you don't have right for repair psu shows working propely. I come to store pick it up and guy working there says to record buzzing noise and try again, so i did i recorded few video clips and brought evidence on usb flash drive i even noted that i want replacement and to add extra more if needed for other psu. Once again week passes by i get txt psu shows working fine you don't have right for replacement... So it's been like more then week since i got psu back now psu is making clicking/ticking noiseconstantly turned on or off dunno if this is sign of danger, also forgot to mention it doesn't happen to mine old psu. On mine old psu only issue that has is ball bearing wore off in fan and it's making vacum like noise that is only reason why i replaced psu. Also to mention i tried everything i disconnected all cables on back it was still making noise, i disconnected sata pci-e and was still making noise i completly disconnected hdd and once again still was making noise. This time i made video playlist just to make sure i'm not crazy or that i'm lying. I will send psu for 3rd time once mine ds4 v2 arrive i ordered from other store since i swore that i will not buy anything again in their store, hopefully 3rd time is charm. Also wanna appologies for spelling errors english is not native language.
  5. No need because like i said i'm using vsync and temps rarely hit 60 that's main reason why i'm using custom curve. With this curve mostly it hits 55 and rarely so it's usually 44-50.
  6. Yeah i rather just run it when i ran game that way i save on electricity bill anyway this is are stock gpu curve and custom curve i'm using right now, so i'm wondering is this curve any good? i mean since all i changed is from 40 to 30 and from 50 to 60
  7. So ik gpu with old gpu r9 270 had fans that ware constantly spinning when i bought gtx 1060 last year it had default fan curve to start spinning only at certain % and main reason fans got screwed is i think is because constant start/stop because of vsync and temps are usually 50-55 and some times ramp up to 60 and starts fans then it stop. Ik you wondering why not simple disable vsync, well i got old monitor and i use display to vga adapter so i have screantearing i plan to upgrade next year since i recently bought rtx 2060 6gb with refund i got for gtx 1060 6gb from last year only had to add like 10€ crazy right i mainly planned on getting rx 5700 but decide to go this since it's cheaper like by big margin like 100€ here where i live anyway tldr bought gpu and psu now gotta save money for monitor so i don't have to use vsync. But until then i was wondering if there is any way to perma set fans to constant spin beside msi afterburner which you have to turn on in order to curve to run so new gpu doesn't suffer the fate of old one or it doesn't matter if it does it more often than not?
  8. And who are you tell if you third grade teacher isn't reincarnation of Shakespeare how dare you! On serious note you do have point but it doesn't help me out in choosing what psu to get.
  9. I mean this review says that it should do fine but i'm worried about if power would be enough.
  10. Repeated post: Serbia is not part of eu union also brands like bequit or corshair are noned existent on mine market only corsair i found is over 270 € and it's 1000w which is overkill for me. Dunno if it's allowed to post other sites on this forum but here is what Serbian market has to offer http://www.itsvet.com/pretraga-pt1.i?qry=napajanje https://www.eponuda.com/kompjuteri-napajanja-cene?cene-po=ceni-rastucoj https://www.emmi.rs/konfigurator/proizvodi.10.html?go=true&Id=10&advanced_search=1&productTitle=napajanje&x=6&y=9&categoryId=&sortBy=Price1|ASC&limit=-1&offset=0. I got few options from tier list from few members which are http://www.itsvet.com/napajanje_sama_armor_80plus_gold_550w-pdaa1-57.i?id=1225 http://www.itsvet.com/napajanje_fsp_raider_ii_650w_ra2-650-pdaa1-57.i?id=1538 FSP HEXA 85 550W Kolink KL-850M . I dunno if any of this options are any good https://viphouse.rs/racunarske-komponente/napajanja/seasonic/ss-520gb/product/76918?utm_source=eponuda.com&utm_medium=product_price_click&utm_campaign=Eponuda.com&code=bcb4 https://www.emmi.rs/napajanja-i-dodatni-ventilatori-napajanje-750w-falcon-gaming-fgm-750.11.html?productId=85716. Until now i was using raidmax cobra 700w no issue for 5 years but bearing worn i think and it's making sound that is driving me mad a bit, also i ordered regular rtx 2060 mini gigabyte itx today so my setup isz97m ds3h i5 4690k rtx 2060 6gb mini and dunno if this matters ssd seagate 500gb kingstone ssd 500gb and 16gb ram 2x 8gb and pc case is thermaltake v3 blacx edition. I wanted to go 500W Cooler Master MWE White Series but guy in shop said it might not be enough and since like i mentioned earlier Serbia is not part of eu so we don't have 14 day return policy and didn't want to risk buying psu which might not fit my build. Would appreciate greatly if someone could me help me out figuring out what psu to get b4 monday.
  11. I would appreciate if i could get more suggestions b4 monday What about https://viphouse.rs/racunarske-komponente/napajanja/seasonic/ss-520gb/product/76918?utm_source=eponuda.com&utm_medium=product_price_click&utm_campaign=Eponuda.com&code=bcb4 or is 520w 2 low for mine setup? Also what about https://www.emmi.rs/napajanja-i-dodatni-ventilatori-napajanje-750w-falcon-gaming-fgm-750.11.html?productId=85716 or https://www.emmi.rs/napajanja-i-dodatni-ventilatori-napajanje-600w-thermaltake-smart-rgb-80plus.11.html?productId=84403?
  12. It's unavailable for that price ;s i was looking at this https://www.bcgroup-online.com/napajanja/coolermaster-mwe-gold-550w-napajanje-(mpy_5501_afaag_eu)-5y-53471?utm_source=eponuda.com&utm_medium=product_price_click&utm_campaign=Eponuda.com&code=416e but it's over my budget.
  13. https://www.exceed.rs/artikal/fortron-hydro-g-750 this? It's not available ;s.