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    Johnnyr24 reacted to nick name in I wanna make a gaming pc   
    That is generations old.  You'd do better telling ua where you are from and how much you'd like to spend.  
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    Johnnyr24 reacted to Jurrunio in I wanna make a gaming pc   
    this deal better be cheap, it's old and only mid range hardware performance today.
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    Johnnyr24 reacted to Bananasplit_00 in I wanna make a gaming pc   
    ok so what kronor are we talking here, SEK, DKK or NOK? Its a pretty meh deal when you get an I5 9600k for under 3000 sek(if you are fast 2590 sek as a return on netonnet) and then motherboard is 990 sek. idk skylake just isnt a platform id buy into when you can get 4th gen cheaper and have cheaper RAM with barely any performance decrease
    also holy shit this guy dares to charge extra for a delid? lmao
    *edit again*
    also forgot to even mention Ryzen, the R7 2700 is 2770 sek, a B250 board is like 800 sek so thats probably the best value here
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    Johnnyr24 reacted to CDL Hazamat in I wanna make a gaming pc   
    I have the same question. I've been a fan on LTT for a long time now and have been considering building a new rig, was it providence that "what cpu to buy" video was just released(a few days ago)?!!
    Admittedly, I'm more of a software kinda guy and know quite little about hardware. Budget isn't an issue here however, value is; up to about 3k is where I'm looking. Asking for help with a complete build; from the case to everything inside it. Geographically I'm in Washington state somewhere between Portland and Seattle. Currently my main games are Rust, Path of Exile, 7 Days to Die and the like -- prefer heavy RPG with a touch of pvp type games; Vanilla to Wrath and a 1 month tour of every WoW xpac. Additionally I'd prefer, although its not needed, to be able to dual boot Linux. If there's a hardware limitation just discard Linux considerations as I'm already considering making the old rig Linux Dedicated.
    For "high-end gaming" it was suggested i5-8600k or i7-9700k. Is the 9700 that much better? I don't mind taking my time to build this, where needed.
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    +++Today and tomorrow(sat/sun) I should be checking this page every 30min or so until BEER TIME! Weekdays are quite hectic+++
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    Johnnyr24 reacted to FunKaLiTy in I wanna make a gaming pc   
    If you got some cash to spend I'd recommend this deal they have on Komplett now for a 5000 kr black friday discount.
    I'd at a minimum get a GTX 1060 6gb GPU to hope for it to last at least a little bit, the 1070 cards are pretty cheap now as well.

    For a budget CPU you should get AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and overclock it meaning you need a cooler to go with it, alternatively a i5 8600k if you have a little more to spend.
    Here is the cooler I'd recommend you buy now, they have a discount on Elkjøp (if you're norwegian, I see you are scandinavian from the currency in sales text).
    But you also have this one as a cheaper option
    Or if you don't plan on overclocking I'd go with a Ryzen 5 2600x since it comes with a good enough stock cooler and performs decent enough without needing to overclock.
    The good SSD's still aren't cheap, idk how picky you are, you probably don't wanna shell out over 1000 kroner for 500GB storage like I did, but maybe you wanna go for 120GB of high end storage to have Windows on and maybe 1 game you play that has a lot of loading screens in it.
    And then get like a 1TB 7200 RPM HDD for storing everything else on.
    For the motherboard it's important you check that it's compatible with the CPU you choose, you can plot everything in on pcpartpicker.com and it will tell you if something is incompatible or might not fit (case-wise).
    For RAM you probably want something cheap so just go for 2400mhz, the difference is not really noticable they say so considering it's under half the price of the 3200mhz versions it's probably smart to just go for 2400mhz if you're not looking to spend too much money.
    As for the power supply you're probably good with a 550W one, especially if you're not planning on overclocking.
    Case-wise it depends on what you like, but of course airflow should be a consideration.
    Of the ones available right now I'd go for this one, I wanted to get this one myself, but the RTX 2080 GPU wouldn't fit in there with a 240mm radiator in the front.