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  1. there are 2 ram sticks and 2 slots on the motherboard, and there were 2 before. We didn't change anything
  2. i had problems with my pc so i took SSD and ram to test them from my brother's pc, when i put the ssd and ram back to my brother's pc it gave a quick flash, shut down and stopped booting. Is the problem from motherboard or psu?
  3. Thank you for replying! i get different error stopcodes everytime it restarts, i mean it's not the same every restart. i have only one memory stick. i changed the HDD but still the same thing happened... So probably memory issue? but i did memory test by using memtest86 using bootable USB and it didn't find any error
  4. everytime i started my pc i got blue screen, so i decided to wipe my harddisk. When reinstalling Windows 10 blue screen popped up and restarted the pc many times and i got a different stopcode everytime it restarted
  5. i dont know im a noob lol how do i check?? everything i know is that my pc is mini Sorry lol
  6. Hello, i have a mini pc and i want to upgrade the graphics card my power supply is only 90 watt i want a mini graphics card that will fit my pc Budget: 150$ maybe 200$ pc: Lenovo 310S-08ASR (90G9003NMW) Processor: AMD A9-9430 Radeon R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G 3.20 Ghz Ram: 8GB