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  1. Hi guys, right now I'm rocking an CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360R AIO in my Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic as an exhaust on the side, with two additional BeQuiet SilentWings Fans at the top as exhausts. I want to improve the fan config and the looks of my pc and add a couple more RGB fans. The shop, where I had my pc built, didn't properly plug in everything, I think and while the AIO is doing its cooling duties, I cant change the lighting in software (different problem). I always heard good things about the Corsair LL120 fans and thought about buying six of them and putting the aio at the top as exhaust, three on the side as intake and an additional two or three at the bottom as intake. My question now is: Can I use the Corsair Fans on my CoolerMaster AIO? I know that of course the cpu block rgb lights wouldnt be compatible then, but I'd like to have fans from the same manufacturer with the same rgb controller in my build, so I can sync everything up and change the fan curve on all the fans at the same time. Do I just need to buy the six Corsair Fans and hook them up to the same rgb controller and then mount them on the radiator? Or is there something else I have to look out for=?
  2. Hi guys, I'm building a new pc for my best friend and we basically have most of the components, except the case and the cooling. The one thing he doesnt want to compromise on is airflow. We are not sure if we want an aircooler or an aio, but he definitely wants good airflow, and is willing to pay the necessary amount for a sufficient number of fans. I own the Lian Li PC-011 dynamic and am happy with it, but he does want the option to maybe switch to an aircooler some time down the road and the Lian Li is too narrow for most air coolers. Which case could be best for our purposes? The only other requirement is sub 200€/$ and it has to have some tempered glass. Any recommendations? :)
  3. PleasantChaos

    Fast enough usb-hub for gaming peripherals

    Yeah, I really tend to overcomplicate things lol thanks for your help! My pc is from last year, x370 motherboard from MSI with two usb 3.1 ports, so that should be fine right? Also, is a powered one better? Found one that looks pretty sweet from Anker with a detachable cable and power plug.
  4. Hi guys, I almost completed my setup, revamped everything from monitors, audio to the peripherals. I'm pretty happy with them if it weren't for the fact, that I need a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, graphic tablet and additonal wireless mouse for productivity tasks. Although I get by with the usb ports on my pc, I'm looking for an option where I can clean up the whole thing a bit. The first solution that came to mind was using an usb hub to route the cables from my keyboard (2 plugs), mouse, wireless mouse, graphics tablet and mousepad (all 1 plug) into an usb hub and mount it under the desk with some cable management. The only thing I fear is if there will be some sort of input lag or delay. Maybe I'm a little bit suspicious cause back in the day usb hubs were the absolute worst thing with random ejections, failures and very slow speeds. Is it feasible to use an usb hub for my peripherals without significant input lag? If yes, does it have to be a powered one or is a regular one ok? It doesn't really matter how much it costs, after all usb hubs wont be a hundred bucks, as long as it works flawlessly. Would really appreciate some input (haha) from your side. Cheers
  5. PleasantChaos

    BSOD with new keyboard

    I just plugged it in again and am trying to see if the error occurs without the software installed. Then I'll install the software again. Also used a different usb port now for the keyboard
  6. PleasantChaos

    BSOD with new keyboard

    Hi guys, I'm having a very weird problem. My pc has been running very very smoothly for a long time now, without any software issues, crashes etc. However, today I already had two bsod for no reason at all. First of all I hope of course that its not a hardware problem. I checked the drivers as far as I could and they all seemed to be in order. The bios is fine as well, I have a slight overclock on my system but its been running very smoothly as I said. The last two bsod I had were: - kmode exception not handled and lastly: - critical structure corruption The funny thing is now that I had the problems since I bought a new gaming keyboard last thursday. I got the Kingston HyperX Alloy Elite RGB and installed their software for lighting and since then I've had the problems. I tried to run a sfc scannow test via cmd earlier and it wouldnt finish, just said "'Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation". I now unplugged the keyboard, ran it again and it worked. As well as no new bsod since I took away the keyboard. Could it really be that the keyboard is the culprit? If so, did I just get a bad model or is it maybe the software? Would be really glad about some help, my system specs are: -Ryzen 1700x msi x370 gaming plus 32gb g.skill ripjaws v 3200 samsung 960 evo samsung 860 evo gigabyte windforce oc gtx 1070
  7. PleasantChaos

    Headset or headphones & microphone

    Thanks for the replies, guys. Yeah, the main point that made me hesitant was the fact that with the gaming headset, I can just mute it whenever I want by pushing a single button. However, I just like the idea of using my Audiotechnica ATH-M50X a lot more. I found some good usb microphones on Amazon and was thinking now about getting the Behringer UM2 interface with an XLR mic. Later down the line, when I upgrade my speakers to some studio monitors, I could also upgrade it to, lets say, a Focusrite Scarlett and just keep the setup as it is, right?
  8. PleasantChaos

    Headset or headphones & microphone

    Hey guys, I recently purchased the Kingston HxperX Cloud II gaming-headset for my gaming and discord purposes. All in all it's a good product, however I dont like the comfort and the cable, which is very stiff. Since I can still return it to the shop, I now thought about changing up the setup instead of immediately purchasing a new headset. I've seen a lot of streamers using regular headphones for gaming in conjunction with a standalone microphone and am now thinking about this combination for me. I would only have to invest in a microphone, I already own two great pairs of headphones. Would there be any downside except for price? Can I just use any usb microphone off of amazon, plug it in and plug my headphones into the headphone jack of my speakers volume unit? Or is it wise to invest in an usb audiointerface for the speakers, headphones and microphone? The only issue I see is that I wouldnt be able to just mute my mic with the click of a button if I plug it in via usb? Would really appreciate the help, I recently redid my entire setup and the only thing missing is my audiogear, specifically the microphone/headset part :)
  9. PleasantChaos

    Dual use monitor - editing and gaming

    Hi guys, I'm a semi-professional photographer and have been using two identical 1440p monitors with decent colors for my all my editing work for over a year now. In the last three, four months however, I've gotten more and more into gaming, Apex, CSGO etc., and the 60Hz of my monitors is really starting to bug me. I got a decent rig (Ryzen 1700x, GTX1070) and it just kind of seems like a waste to me not owning a 144Hz panel. Some research however quickly showed that color accurate monitors with 144Hz are few and far between if you're not willing to spend 600€ upwards (im from germany) Now my thought process was that I could use one of my existing displays for my editing work and the other one for gaming. Since I rarely use both displays at the same time for color critical work, it wouldn't be that big of a loss to replace one of them with a, lets say, TN Panel with 144Hz. What do you guys think? And do you have a recommendation for a gaming monitor with 1440p, 144Hz, Freesync and VESA mount under 400€? Would gladly appreciate help. Cheers
  10. PleasantChaos

    Replace dual channel ram with quad channel

    So I'm risking worse performance unless I go for ram with the same timings and even then there will be slight decrease? Damn.
  11. Hi guys, I recently upgraded my pc into a new case, new gpu and cooler and love it. Since I added some lighting, I'd like an additional touch of rgb on my motherboard and thinking about replacing my ram. Right now I have two sticks of 16GB each, the G.Skill RipJaws V DDR4-3200, CL14-14-14-34. I don't know much about RAM except for speed, so I didnt mess with the timing at all, just the speed. It's running perfectly smooth at 3200 MHz on my MSI X370 Gaming Plus in combination with my Ryzen 1700X. So, my thought was selling it and replacing it with the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO black DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3200, CL16-18-18-36 . My questions: Does having four modules offer an advantage over two? Speed is identical, but the timing are way different, so will I lose performance? Is it worth to switch to this ram just for aesthetic reasons? Cheers
  12. PleasantChaos

    Desktop-Companion - Photo/Videoediting on the go

    Preferred max weights under 2 kilos. Battery life, I'm not sure, a few hours at least would be good.
  13. PleasantChaos

    Desktop-Companion - Photo/Videoediting on the go

    That's unfortunately not an option. I definitely want a windows machine, I didn't like taking dongles with me all the time and overall, great device, just not for me
  14. Hey guys, since I now am finally happy with my desktop, I can finally turn to my other needs I'm a photographer and while I still edit well over 80% of my projects at my desk at home, I travel quite a bit these days and am now looking for a laptop for some work on the go. I actually wanted to switch to a Macbook a few weeks ago, to replace my desktop, but had a strong case of buyer's remorse and sent it back. Which puts me back to square one. I'm looking for a nice laptop, preferably 15", although I would settle for 13" if absolutely necessary, that's well built and compact. The most important parts are the display, 1080p would probably be enough and I don't really see the need for a touchscreen. I definitely need good ports (ideally a thunderbolt 3 or at least usb3.1. gen2 for fast external drives) and build quality. I don't game much and certainly not on the go, so the gpu is mainly going to be used for gpu acceleration in Photoshop, Capture One and Lightroom. Good battery life would be great bonus. Since I live in Germany, my budget would be around 1600/1700€, ideally of course a bit less than that I will mainly use the machine for when I'm abroad for some time or sitting on planes and trains, some light editing and retouching, but nothing too big. Anything that demands a lot of firepower can wait until I'm at home at my desktop I just want to work fairly comfortably to import and export photos in Capture One and Lightroom, do some raw processing and light editing in Photoshop. Addtionally of course some office work, videos, browsing the internet etc. I looked at a few different options like the Dell XPS, Razer products (although I'm not sure which of them are the travel-friendly content creator ones) and something like the LG gram. If you guys have any recommendation on which products check the most boxes, I'd be really glad I'm planning to buy at the end of January or beginning of February, so I can still wait of course, but I like to be informed prior to making a decision Cheers, Onur
  15. Hey guys, I just ordered a Lian LI PC-O11 Dynamic and plan to migrate my old pc into the new system. Since it doesn't do too well with air coolers because of limited height, I also ordered a Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R AIO. Additionally, I still have three 120mm fans from my old system, which I plan to add to the new case. Now my question is, how do I determine which is the best orientation/placement for the aio and the fans for optimal cpu temperature? I initially planned to mount the aio on the front/side for exhaust to display the rgb fans and additionally three intake fans on the bottom. However, I saw a few finished builds and videos with the same case and most people seem to use their radiators mounted on the top for intake. Can you guys help? How do I determine what's the best way to cool the system with my radiator and six fans?