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  1. vFaded

    NVME Drive Detected But Cant Boot from it

    ASUS Prime Z390
  2. NVME Drive Detected But Cant Boot from it. In my UEFI on the main screen it shows "Samsung 960 EVO" which I used samsung data migration tool to transfer OS from HDD onto it but it isn't an option to boot from. It will not even show up looking in file directory on windows. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  3. vFaded

    H100i vs Cryorig R1 Universal

    My h100i is working like a charm I guess you got unlucky?
  4. vFaded

    CPU Fan Error When Posting (ASUS)

    I set it to ignore
  5. Basically whenever I plug my HDMI cable directly into my 1080 the desktop shows up and there is signal buts apps do not display on the screen and there icons of apps dissapear. Also the left side of the monitor is "endless", I can drag my mouse infinitely.
  6. vFaded

    New PC boots to windows but no BIOS

    I just right now built a PC with the same motherboard, the BIOS buttons are f2 and delete, just spam them until it comes up
  7. I use a corasair h100i to cool my cpu and no fans are required to plug into the cpu header because the pump head has two power sockets for the included fans. It wont let me boot unless I have one if them plugged into the cpu fan header. And when I do have it plugged unto the cpu fan header it spins much faster than the other one; any help?
  8. vFaded

    PC Not Posting/Booting/Blank Screen

    The fix : Plug in EATX 12V at top left of motherboard, one of my radiator fans were blocking it initially so I didnt plug it in
  9. vFaded

    PC Not Posting/Booting/Blank Screen

    None of them are lit up
  10. PC Not Posting; all fans fire up, pump on AIO is lit up, motherboard rgb is working, graphics card is well, ram is lit up and fully put in, all power cables are plugged in, what is not up to speed and causing it not to boot/post? I should mention the HDD was not plugged in. Specs: ASUS Prime z390A Motherboard i7 8700k Zotac 1080 AMP Edition Mini Corsair h100i platinum rgb Corsair case fans 16GB 3200 MHZ Corsair RGB Pro Ram RMX 2018 Power supply
  11. Hello, I am almost done setting up my sons pc but require aid in hooking up the front case IO up to the motherboard. Pictured below are the cables from the front case panel, the motherboard pins, and an item that was included in the motherbord box (no clue and no information in manual, note each side of it is different). The cables from the front panel if you cant see are: +- HDD LED, POWER SW, POWER LED +, POWER LED -, RESET SW
  12. vFaded

    AIO Cable Help (H100i Platinum)

    I have plugged the included (2) fans into the two power female cables and realized the other two female cables were for RGB, now all I need to figure out is this 3 pin cable I couldnt find any 3 pin on my motherboard and im kind of stuck
  13. I just started building a new pc for my son, as you can tell by the title its liquid cooled by an AIO. I am currently having issues regarding which cable goes where. The manual is beyond vague and no guides/videos on my specific cooler (regarding plugging in all of the cables) to be found. The only thing I know out of all of the cables is the sata cable for power and I connected the RGB cables into a corsair rgb "bridge". Pictured below is all of the cables coming out of the pump itself For refrence I am using an Asus Prime Z390-A motherboard for the build
  14. Simple questions : what is the easiest way to install aio cooler (im using corsair h100i)? Should I install motherbord into case first or put the radiator in first then put motherboard in and connect pump. Side question if anyone knows a good rad&fan setup in corsair carbide spec omega that would be helpful