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  1. The problem still happens, the only difference now is that my screen only freezes without rebooting. Should I try updating to the most recent bios?
  2. I have updated my bios to F31 earlier, and so far it hasn't crashed. I'll see if the problem persists for a day or two.
  3. EVGA 500 watt (white). I'm just trying to pinpoint the hardware or whatever that could be causing this
  4. This has been happening over a year. About a month after I built my pc, it started crashing when it is NOT under load. Basically I need to have a game running in the background to prevent my pc from crashing (if im not already gaming). As of now I have the game Slime Rancher run on startup so I won't forget to have a game running in the background. It's not a huge issue, but it is a problem I hope to fix. specs: GTX 1060 6gb Ryzen 7 1700 16gb OEM ram 500w psu Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H mobo
  5. I recently built a new pc and when I plug in my headset (mic attached to it) my friends on Discord and game chats can hear my output sounds like games, music, voice chat, videos, etc. Even when I record my voice I can hear my game sounds in the background, and it's really frustrating. I'm currently using a Hyperx Cloud and the detachable mic it comes with, I'm also using the splitter it comes with since my microphone doesn't work without it. I've tested it with a different mic and the issue is still there. Could be the sound card but I don't know much about that. I've reinstalled realtek drivers but to no avail. Please help, I've tried nearly everything and it's so annoying. EDIT: I forgot to mention that even when the microphone is unplugged, it still plays output audio. Headset: Hyperx Cloud Mobo: Gigabyte ga-ab350-ds3h