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  1. i did that and still got the same outcome
  2. Im trying to play minecraft with my girlfiend and im hosting my server from my pc because my gf cant briong her laptop over. But everytime i try to launch the server using the .bat file i created with the command: "java -jar server.jar pause" ive tried everything i can think of doing to fix the problrm. i dont know if this is the right place to post this but i dont know what to do anymore, so im hoping this fourm can resolve the problem. Thanks. Ive included the log from when i started the server. latest.log
  3. Thank you very much that fixed my problem. You were very helpful have a nice day
  4. how would i lower that and by doing that would it make it produce less heat?
  5. temps while gaming are about 10 c up and 1.5 is what it has always been at.
  6. ok i had the fx 6300 so how would i fix this just stop the throttling by adding better cooling?
  7. So since i installed my new cpu my pc has been acting up. For example in Destiny 2 i normally play at a solid 100fps but now thats been lowered to around 80 and the fps drops to 20 or 30 while playing for a few seconds the bounces back up to 80. ive checked my temps for both my gpu and cpu. Their fine hovering in the mid low 100s in degrees f (i dont know celcius) and my gpu running mid 220's while gaming )which is fine for a gtx 1060. ive asked everyone i know on reddit, to youtube, and now im trying linus's computer experts. My PC: CPU: Fx8350 stock speeds GPU: GTX 1060 6gb Windforce OC RAM: 12gb ddr3 Motherboard: Biostar A960D+ PSU: EVGA 500 watt 80+ bronze anything else just ask.