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  1. but i have reinstalled windows and deleted the drivers several times, so i think it might be a hardware issue, but i cant find out what part it is that is failing, i have called the people that i bought the parts from and they told me they would replace the part thats not working i just need to send the right one.
  2. i unfortunetly have to go get some sleep now, the clock here in norway is 2:22 a and i need to wake up at 6, when i come back from work i will read all the stuff here and awnser everyone. hope someone knows something if there is something im missing.
  3. i have a short video of what usualy happands when my pc freezes for 1 min, the video was filmed the last 10-15 sec ish 20191007_020701.mp4
  4. looks like you might be very right, i tested it by just unplugging and plugging in my display ports and the gpu 3d did indeed go up to 100% when i plugged it back in, but why would it freeze up to sometimes over a minute? could that be the cable too?
  5. wish it was this, but i have checked them and its not that, also its the fact that my gpu 3d spikes to 100% and that i have 2 screens and they are both effected.
  6. i can only find 1080ti driver from may 2019 to present and i have had this problem since november 2018, so i dont think its the drivers.
  7. yeah i recently swapped my MB and the 1080ti was working perfectly in my old setup, so there is a low chance that it is the drivers.
  8. i have not tried any other disply drivers, any ide where i find these driver that might work?
  9. i have tried using another PCI-E slot but the same problem was there, i have never seen a BSOD while having this problem, after the screen freeze i just get back to the screen i was on or the desktop if the program i used crashed because of the screen freeze.
  10. yes sorry i should have added that, gonna do that right now, i had a gtx 970 around when i first tried the system and the same problem was there.
  11. hey everyone on the forum, i need some help finding a problem to my pc issue, i have made a forum post back in november last year but ended up with nothing, now that i have a little more info about what the problem is i wonder if anyone has the awnser. i bought new parts for my pc back in november ( X470 GAMING PRO CARBON (MS-7B78) (AM4) AMD Ryzen 7 and 32gb ram ) and changed them out with my old mother board and cpu ( dont remember what gen it was but it was an i7 and an asus mb to go with it ) after installing them and putting in my gpu ( gtx 1080ti ) every think seemed to work normaly like usual, after about half a day with the pc the issue that im still having poped up, every once in a while my screens will freeze and then go black for 2 - 30 sec and then come back on. that issue also crashes some games and programs when the screen come back. i recently saw that when my screen comes back to normal that gpu 3d had spiked up to a 100% while the screen was black, so i read up on some forums that had the same problem and most of them told me that reinstalling windows usualy helps. i have reinstalled windows atleast 5 time by now and uninstalled my gpu driver about the same amount and nothing has changed. i have also tried one other gpu ( gtx 970 ) and the same problem was there. if someone knows the awnser to my problems or have an idea of what it could be please leve a comment. AMD Ryzen 7 X470 GAMING PRO CARBON (MS-7B78) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Corsait 1200HI
  12. Update: i think i have an awnser to my problem that i found by accident, i pluged out my hdmi screen from the gpu and left only my displayport screen inn and now i can play games and watch videos without that problem i talked about earlier, but this is still annying cause now i cant use my second screen so my question is: have anyone encountred this problem where you can only use one screen? Update: the screen was fine for 1 hour and when i tried to watch youtube insted of netflix it did the freeze black and back thingy again ;-(
  13. yeah im positive, i usees the same cables on my old rig and it worked fine, gonna have a lan tomorrow so i will probably have to take it apart with my friends and look at it.
  14. yes i have a modular power supply, and both my monitors cables are fine, im very positive that the problem comes from the computer cause both screens freeze and goes black at the same time and comes back aswell.
  15. also today i tried diffrent things with the gpu and it seems like it is the gpu that is triggering mosy of these problems, but i cant put my finger on where the problem accures cause if i put the 1080ti in my old rig it works fine, so i think the problem is with the motherboard not giving the power the gpu needs or something. but im really not sure how i can check this or how to fix this.