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  1. OnePlus 6T, or Galaxy S10e/S10 OneUI improves many problems, and is more future proof compared to the old and laggy TouchWiz, and Samsung Experience. iPhone's are for, if you're really into Apple's ecosystem. Android is more for Customisation, and Samsung offers the most (I can teach any, if you'd like to get more customisation on your Galaxy, running 8.0,or higher, for those that don't know what GoodLock/BadLock is). OnePlus are solid, cheaper devices than both Samsung and Pixel, and they do offer a bit more customisation than Pixel's stock Android. OnePlus also has their devices running on Stock Android, but it's sort of a modified one, called Oxygen OS. Still, Imo if you ask me, Samsung holds the crown for the most customisation.
  2. If you plan switching into iOS and giving up on features, customisation, etc...then go for it, if not Galaxy S10 is a solid choise, because One UI does indeed offer a lot and I bet it'll last fine for about 3 years or so. My father had a Galaxy A3, which he used for 4 years, and it still runs fine aside from the degraded battery. Yes, it's slower (it feels like that way), but it does things fine, so getting an S10, would be a good choice, especially going for the 8GB RAM Variant.
  3. Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) There is also a second version, with a notched display and Snapdragon 660 which is a tad better for gaming, called Zenfone Max Pro (M2) Both models have the same 5,000mAh battery and they come with Micro USB charger. There are also some other devices such as: Lenovo Z5s (SD 710) Lenovo K5 Pro (SD 636) (Both have type - C) If you want more info about them, I'm going to put the links below from gsmarena, where you can check more info about these devices: Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1): https://m.gsmarena.com/asus_zenfone_max_pro_(m1)_zb601kl-9173.php Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2): https://m.gsmarena.com/asus_zenfone_max_pro_(m2)_zb631kl-9410.php Lenovo Z5s: https://m.gsmarena.com/lenovo_z5s-9436.php Lenovo K5 Pro: https://m.gsmarena.com/lenovo_k5_pro-9374.php
  4. To sum it up, if you don't care about the lack of many features on the iPhone, if you don't care about the washed out images the OLED panel produces (I like more color punchy displays, which is what Samsung does with their AMOLED panels), if you don't care about slow charging (no fast charging out of the box), if you don't care that you don't get a dongle,if you don't care about the display cutout, etc etc... then go for the Xs Max. iOS is more secure than Android, and that's been proven, but Android isn't far behind. In the iOS Ecosystem you're basically a "jailed person" that has the freedom to do anything, but only you and you,whilst in Android you feel more open. Processor wise, it's one of the world's currently most powerful smartphone, but it does not have any copper cooling,whilst the Note 9 does. This means that you will likely experience throttling issues if you're going to play for extensive period of times. With the new 7nm process, and slightly bigger 3174mAh battery, you're gonna get a pretty good battery life + the optimisation apple has provided. And with 4GB of ram and decent optimisation this phone puts every other phone offside. The Note 9 on the other hand, is a far different phone, and for me it's what I would choose if I were in this situation. Note 9 has a massive 4,000mAh battery which isn't that bad in getting you most out of the day. Yes it probably lacks optimisation, but that's to be improved in One UI, with the Android 9 update. It's not that far behind the XS Max. Note 9 has far more features, IP 68 Water and Dust Resistance, and on top of that it has pretty decent stereo sound with Dolby Atmos. It also has a headphone jack, which imo its still better than going wireless, because wired won't drain battery and you won't need to charge both your phone and headset. Bluetooth can sometimes give out delay, which I don't prefer but it's almost 2019 and Bluetooth has sure improved. That shouldn't be a big problem since it would probably occur when playing games, or never at all. Another good thing is the Expandable memory, Type - C, a far better camera than the iPhone imo. Low light photos are great thanks to the dual aperture system, something that the iPhone does not have. Oh and neither a fingerprint sensor, which is what Note 9 packs. Facial unlock is miles better than the XS Max, but the one on the Note 9 isn't bad either. It's just that it's a bit slow. Oh, and I forgot the S pen. If you like drawing, presenting, pretty much doing stuff with the S pen, then Note 9 should be your go. It comes with a fast charger out of the box. It also includes not so bad earbuds, it does not have any kind of display cutout, and overall a solid device. Cheaper than the XS Max, and oh it comes with Android which security wise its not that far behind iOS. I can tell you that, because I'm using a cheaper Galaxy variant, on top of Android 8.1 with Samsung Experience 9.5 and I haven't had any security issues, nor any kind of virus or malware. Note 9 should eventually be far better and safer. Snapdragon 845 is pretty fast, and Note 9 has some great cooling so you never run into issues, unlike Apple's A12 bionic chip. It might not be as powerful as A12, but it's great (currently one of the best processor an Android device can have), and it gets the job done with ease. 6 or 8 GB if ram is more than enough to do heavy ram management and intense gaming. There are also more stuff to say about the Note 9, which would take me a lot of time to write. I would just recommend you get the Note 9,but it's still up to you to choose. Both have their pros and cons, and the XS Max has more cons than pros. Again,i reccomend you Note 9,but it's still up to you to choose.
  5. Mi A2 lite is a beast. It has almost everything the Mi A2 has, except the better camera and Snapdragon 660,but if you're not a tough gamer, you won't mind that. Games just run fine on Snapchat 625. Mi A2 Lite even has more battery, it also does support fast charging (well not so fast, but it gets the job done), and it even has a better screen,aside from the Notch. While we're at the Notch, most apps will run fine and over time, or with app updates most apps themselves will adapt, so that they don't obstructly block over the display cutout. There is no any kind of option to hide it, but I'm assuming that you will get used to it, just like my friend did. When playing PUBG Mobile, the game will adjust itself after some time and the Notch won't make any problems at all. On some Apps/Games, the rest of the status bar next to the cutout just blacks itself, hiding the Notch. In conclusion both Mi A2 and it's little brother are far better than Redmi Note 5 AI, and they are based on the Android One program meaning that you will get faster updates. The software is smooth, but compared to MIUI, EMUI, Samsung Experience it lacks many features and customisation but it's not that far off. It does heat up, but only after extensive periods of Gaming. Plus Mi A2 Lite has a headphone jack and expandable memory. At some points it's better than the Mi A2 itself. Sound wise, it's loud, and it does not have stereo sound. The camera is a little washed out, but it's normal since we're talking about a device below 300 USD$. In many ways I suggest you get Mi A2 Lite, but it's up to you.
  6. So,i have a pretty much standard RGB mouse (from Genesis),and it also has a dpi changer,and two side buttons. Other than that it's a pretty classic mouse and nothing much around of it. But,I've seen mouses which on the LMB had a small key that actually acts as a double click,so if you click that it basically does a double click. You probably get what im trying to point out,but i want to know if it's possible to have one of my side buttons do that. I have found a remapping app called Key Remapper 1.11, I've looked into it and as far as i saw,it does not have that option. Any way this can be done,or impossible???
  7. Nothing. Because previous year i got lots of stuff (printer,smart tv android box,microwave,wireless keyboard and mouse [2 in 1] for the smart android box,a decent 720p webcam,and that's pretty much it)
  8. Yes. (I accidentally voted no, If someone can clean my vote so I can re-vote again would be good). I had an iPhone 3GS which my Uncle had brought to me (it cost around 90€), but little me dumb and stupid I drowned the phone, submerging it under a rubber made pool (the ones that you can buy and pump them with air, then toss water inside) just because I found it cool to record under water (and also because I've never done it before, as I was just playing with the camera), and the phone died. Other than that the phone was a beast back then. There were no Samsung stuff around, as Apple with their iPhone's were popular, and Samsung wasn't, thus it existed. I learned a good lesson, and stuff changed as times progressed. I once wanted to get an iPhone 4 years later, but they were a lot expensive, and Samsung already went popular in my country, so after my dad got a Samsung, I changed my mind and got keen towards Android phones, especially Samsung devices. My dad used a Samsung, which I used later (Gaalxy Ace 4 Star) and that phone not only was great, but it was reasonably priced, unlike iPhone's back then, being just too expensive for my budget (that was one of the reasons I went with Android, especially Samsung and not iPhone). Once my dad got an A3, I got the Ace 4 star, and later on I bought a Galaxy J7 2016 which I still use. Times have changed, and so have phones. I've done a lot of bad and weird stuff which I regret, but what happened happened. My next device will probably likely be a Chinese device, I will see about that. I'll be discussing around for that, and I'll see.
  9. Hello fellow gamers! 

    I finally joined this forum, as I was in a need to, since I'm a big fan of LTT. 

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      Welcome to LTT Forums.

    2. Trajce Playz

      Trajce Playz

      Oh hi there, it will be fun hanging around on this forum!