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  1. James Aplin


    I have been using the UE4 im finding really easy to use its just Learning where things are, i have been experiencing some issues where the Unreal engine is seems to be crashing, also getting messages like issues with memory, other developers on the UE4 forum are experiencing the exact same issues there using 16 gigs of memory also my gaming laptop has 16 gigs of DDR4 memory same as they use and experiencing same issues, in hine site im doing the right thing using a high end gaming laptop to begin with using latest version of UE4 to get the heng of using a high end game engine to begin with, instead of spending 10s of thousands of dollars on a souped up workstation Desktop PC with cutting edge technology until i can better myself instead of waisting my money, just like waisting my time download Bethesda Launcher to find out Skyrim and Fullout 4 Creation kit doesn't even exist, as well as waisting my time signing up with Nexus forum in coming up with a topic and never ever received any reply from the day i signed up because of too many biggots on that nexus forum site.
  2. James Aplin


    I did purchase Skyrim Legendary Edition for PC from EB games years ago, i installed it its on my desktop screen so when i look on steam and Vortex mod manager its their but when i installed Bethesda Launcher as i have a Bethesda account their was no such thing as a creation kit at all, and also i tried to install Skyrim creation kit through Steam in tools that installed but when i tried to open it nothing happened.
  3. James Aplin

    Epic Games Launcher Not Working

    I have Epic Launcher on my desktop and it works fin on my laptop, i wonder Hm how Ancient is your pc, it might be classed as a Relic,
  4. James Aplin

    Unreal Engine 4,21.2

    Yes my latest game engine works very fine its the best ive been navergating around it like the neverknezer, i worked a way around paypal refusing my purchase HaHaHa, i found out i can import unity assets to UE4, so i went and picked out some free ones, and from poliigon as well and megascanes.
  5. James Aplin

    Skyrim Legendary edition for PC

    Since now i own a ACER PREDATOR HELIOS 500, now i don't have to use Bethesdas putrid mods, i can go to nexus, i try to install Skyrim legendary edition for pc and as it was trying to install all came up with steem on my desktop and it try to load to do that 100 percent all i got was a message steem isn't available, when i eventually download Skyrim legendary edition and install nexus mods can i still run Nortons while installing nexus mods and what would the maximum mods 1,000,000 on my laptop?
  6. James Aplin

    Skyrim Legendary edition for PC

    Hay hay ive just download just over 300 Nexus mods for Skyrim Legendary edition and they are all awesome different ones
  7. James Aplin

    About HELIOS 500

    I have a predator HELIOS 500 gaming notebook, on the website they say they have a i9 CPU i tell you they are full of shit my acer predator HELIOS 500 has a 8th gen i7 CPU, and also these website idiots say a predator HELIOS 500 has a 4K desplay my HELIOS 500 has got written in yellow 1080 resolution and mine got a GTX 1070 gpu, i don't know where they get there fax from there delusional. Also i download the Unreal engine 4 Launcher, as well as Unreal engine 4.21.2 latest version and i did try purchase a couple of ocean water physics assets, when i proceeded to cart to complete purchase a get a message you got not compatible engine download but i have on my desktop, also i have steam as well and installed Skyrim legendary edition CD to pc then i install 7zip and vortex from nexus mods and i have been installing stacks of nexus mods Bethesda looser, now that i don't have to be under Sonys and Bethesdas rule of thumb regarding Frankinstien mods. Now when i finish install varse amount of mods from nexus to pc while i play Farcry 5 twice over, 2nd time play Farcry 5 new game + then Farcry new dawn twice new game + and after that i purchase a HDMI to connect my HELIOS 500 up to my 65 inch 4K Tv then sync my PlayStation 4 controller to my HELIOS 500 pc then im good to go.
  8. James Aplin

    About HELIOS 500

    Cheaped out did i, i wasn't complaining, im making use of a pc at the moment. So whose the money bags from rich mummies and daddies.
  9. James Aplin

    About HELIOS 500

    Its good enough for what i need at the moment, i just will not afford to purchase to build up a rig because i was told by my Anglicare support worker why do you need to spend over 10 grand on a pc, at the rate im purchase pc components, by buying 1 piece every 6 months your warranty will expire on those parts and be out of date, be better to purchase a pc already made up, and go cheaper, then i was thinking myself if i go cheaper then i won't have as higher end, so i looked around so i went to Radio Rentals, and decided to rent to up grade a 2799 acer predator HELIOS 500 gaming notebook which is still very good Its got a i7 8th gen CPU and a gtx 1070 gpu may not be as higher end as a i9, 1080Ti it will do me for now, because i rent to up grade i can save extra i pay my pc off before this year is out. Now i went and download the latest version of UE4, and slso i install Skyrim legendary edition, and then i download Vortex mod manager and download to vortex from nexus mods about 200 im aiming between 300 to 500 mods tops, mods like Botox for Skyrim, Pandorable NPC, Beyond Skyrim Bruma, Rigmore and Bruma, Cowl of Nocturnal, Mo Lag Bal inferno, Forgotten city, Sacrassant Vampires, Better Vampire 8.2, immersive armors Hothtrooper44, immersive weapons Hothtrooper44, Elsopa mods, Rudy HD, caffein ENB, Sassy tenage girls, sexy cities ect, just a few.
  10. James Aplin

    My gaming notebook

    Here are my photos of my baby Its only brand new i was wondering do i have to charge up battery for a minimum of 24hrs for life expectancy of battery, im charging at the moment 2hrs. Its a Acer predator Helios 500 with a 1080 gpu built-in it say i7 8th gen sorry scatch that a GTX 1070, hm wondering running UE4.21?
  11. James Aplin

    My gaming notebook

  12. James Aplin

    What song are you listening to right now.

  13. James Aplin

    My Grimoires

    My grimoires came today im very proud more than i can say about my high end PC which was all fantasy.
  14. James Aplin

    Fullout 4 modding

    Now about the creation kit to me i wouldn't go near it with a 20 foot barge poll that's my opinion, its gambro game engine Papyrus scripting, frankinstiegn game engine, okay enough talking about Bethesdas garbage, Skyrim Fullout 4 should of been created using Unreal engine 4, that's the reasons Bethesdas game developers has minus 3 iQ because using old Jurassic gambro garbage game engine, right i got that off my chest. Okay i got a great idea mod for Fullout 4 Crypto mining so want the mod is is where you can mine Bitcoin, so this mod would be using those computer terminals in Fullout 4 goty, so start go to any trader in the commonwealth and purchase schumatics, for say 1,000,000 caps and download your Bitcoin wallet address from block chain, by creating a block chain account then create a Bitcoin wallet address then download to Fullout 4, then once that is done the million caps crafted from the chemistry lab purchase 1 TH/s mining speed computer consult that can be mined to increase hashrate, and schumatics is to, crafting Bitcoin mining computer terminal and power generaters, small up to nuclear reactor, start crafting a 100 watt power generater a TH/s mining speed computer terminal and a Bitcoin mining computer terminal, link copper wire from generator to TH/s mining computer terminal then copper wire from TH/s mining computer terminal to a Bitcoin mining computer terminal, then enter Bitcoin wallet address in computer terminal then start mining then when reach curtain amount of a thousand Satoshis go back to were set up Bitcoin mining by a message on pit boy ready to go back to craft a second Bitcoin mining computer terminal then now have 2 TH/s, then eventually have 1000 Bitcoin terminals also mod also allows if decided at beginning when first set up can keep on increasing hashrate rate without having Acres and Acres of Bitcoin computer terminal. So really only need 1 generator, 1 TH/s mining computer terminal with computer keyboard and screen to increase hashrate and make a minimum Bitcoin withdrawl of 1 Bitcoin upto infinity to your Bitcoin wallet to block chain then pay 20% Tax to government, then convert Bitcoin to AUD, USD ect then straight into paypal account, also need only one Bitcoin mining computer terminal as well then link up generator to hashrate terminal to Bitcoin mining computer terminal all on a single grit, this mod be like a none pozi cloud mining on Fullout 4 created by Fullout 4 players creating their own without signing up a online cloud mining pozi scheme without the scamers, with the Fullout 4 Bitcoin hashrate computer terminal when mine enough Bitcoin like this 2.00000000 Hashrate $1 USD to 1 GHS that's hashrate going price so reach 2 BTC can up grade hashrate to 7 TH/s then increase Bitcoin mining compacity, maximum hashrate Yotta hash per sec also on Bitcoin mining computer terminal in Fullout 4 it gives stock market Bitcoin price to USD AUD ect, so keep track of mining and Bitcoin mining can be built in any settlement and near volt 111, so that's a mod.
  15. James Aplin

    About this site

    I know trolls on this site never wanted me to build my pc so i cursed this website so all your pcs go against you all a bunch of greedy trolls, i hope you all rot as well, yes i have become totally lost completely interest in purchase parts for pc for game development, i remember how eager i was in purchase AMD 32 core CPU and Quadro RTX 8000s and DDR4 3200 128GB DDR4 Rams well there like price for all those snobbery Hobnobs i Bainful cursed them too for a life time of misery, stuff this this is last time im coming on this miserable website goodbye and Goodriddince, never hear from me ever again as for game development there is nothing for me there cannot do this can't do that im quitting quietly.
  16. All Cloud mining are scams, their was alot of cloud mining sites got put on the black list, yeh look everyone a high paying cloud mining site like Crypto-mine.com with a bonus 5000 Doge which was create by incompitant people that didn't know how to set one up that i could make a with draw by a wallet address then goes from a wallet address into my paypal account, instead need to make a deposit before make a withdraw, a deposit that only feed all those pieces of crap troll scamers, stealing off of people, yeh i signed up with that site, and yeh the only honest thing about that ponzi site and yeh their was bonus 5000 Doge yeh it was very high free mining, and yeh it inspired me, i got up to the amount of 9 million dollars of Bitcoins mind, and be still mining away at 20 PHS let alone the site got band and taken of google, but all those Bitcoins will still be there mining happy ever after just goes to show if amateurs cannot do programming and attempt to create a cloud mining site the withdraw won't work, gee that Crypto-mine was created by retards.
  17. James Aplin


    Eobot is now GHS 5, i just notice last last year it was 4.0 then Eobot stopped mining, then i gave up on it people saying Eobot scam not going to 5.0 bugger this. Last night i log in to my Eobot account now 5.0 pre sale start mining February, mining GHS for free its not mining until February.
  18. James Aplin

    Wonder video

    I found a app for my S8 phone called wonder video, i was wondering do i have to use the capture video before using edit?
  19. James Aplin

    500 mph Bicycle

    So i did plans to custom build a 500 mph supercharged Bicycle i came up with the schematics that would able me to ride unaided, so when i use blender i design end product So as you can see i can go 100:1 ratio drive from pedal to rear 27" wheel Now this is the 50:1 parker gearbox so i may only need 4x4 chain drive given me 400:1 ratio So diag6 above is where centifugal superchargers go to give 22 PSI air to help drive rear wheel by sets of vains fix to rear disc wheel so the air force comes out of centrifugal supercharger forces air pressure against vains helps rear wheel to spin faster just below secret ingredient Now just below shows back of centrifugal supercharger you can just see the pinion the part which attaches to rear disc wheel to drive the centrifugal supercharger to suck air in to be compressed So as you can see the direction of the supercharger spins 10X the same direction of the rear wheel those holes around rear wheel is where air pressure coming out of supercharger funnels down to help dive rear wheel air pashes against vains coarses wheel to spin fast, to transition force though chain drive from rear wheel to bicycle cranks to increase pedaling velocity, les friction, all needs 2 front canards airofoyal wings on left and right from forks to prevent front wheel from lifting of ground at march 3 so hydrosonic bicycle doesn't take off airborne to keep it on the ground.
  20. James Aplin

    i9 9900K CPU

    Now i watched a YouTube where someone got a i9 9900K 8 cores CPU appart, he took the square cap off and reveals the rectangular shape core, it was a silver color rectangular shape 8 cores, i was thinking it may not work but it could, that core underneath that plastic covering with i9 9900K trade mark, so if will work carefully remove that then get a 2nd one or 3rd one, then carefully sit and arrange 2 or 3 of the cores, then before fix them with what ever they use, then try and carefully put over 2 or 3 8 cores, because there is plenty of room to fit 2 underneath that square covering and space between, then if work first 16 core 9900K CPU, or if can fit 3 a 24 core i9 9900K also re glue cores, when i saw that i paused YouTube messure space can possible to fit 2 across comfortably and move down fit one across the top, also to reduce core temp sand down the thickness of diode where cores are glue to not the side that contacts the motherboard, sand other side, reduce thickness of heat spreader then fix in place 2 or 3. 8 cores fix cap back on.
  21. James Aplin

    i9 9900K CPU

    Now as you can see inside a i9 9900K CPU the core is center look at the space around can fit 2 a long sid each other and 1 at top turned around. Just a theory.
  22. James Aplin

    500 mph Bicycle

    When i first came up with these kinds of idea 10 years ago i did think of one can go 100 X the speed of Light, so i didn't worry about that one anymore as the Earth could not contain me of that kinds of velocity i be spat on into space travelling at 30 million kms, and the bike would look silly, also i not doing 500 mph bicycle as well, i thought id share something another reason is i tryed to go to machine shops to craft me two 120 tooth sprockets and two 12 tooth sprocket they wouldn't do it as well if they did it would weigh a tone, stuff that also the shear weight of the chains. For something i come up with sure a great idea if want to travel from Adelaide to Darwin in 5 hrs, be cheaper to build a $36,048 workstation. Another thing if hit a tree because miss the corner end up collision with a tree also kangaroos hoping out of know where and Huston we have a problem at the time i thought it would be a good idea, to much head****
  23. James Aplin

    500 mph Bicycle

    No what i have come up with that i don't even need that shield in front, that is why i came up with a centrifugal supercharger using the compressed air to help drive the wheel using a fixed wheel turbine smaller then the diameter of the rear wheel so the air coming out of the compressor travels through a single taped manifold short piper to the inlet of the turbine housing pushing against the vains fixed to the rear wheel so airpressure forces wheel spin vains inside turbine housing has windage for free spin the turbine housing looks similar to the compressor with inlet and oulet so airpressure passes through, the vains inside turbine housing in flat slightly concave not on angle like the compressor the turbine vains is similar to those pelton water thinking don't know if seen 40 vains.
  24. James Aplin

    500 mph Bicycle

    Yes i have come up with that idea, you know that photo of that gold and silver gearbox that is a 50 to 1 that long shaft sticking out that is the slow in the other end is the fast out, i turn the slow in the fast out does 50 time its only 7nm of tork and 14 nm of excelerated tork stick that in the rear wheel like a nexus hub, then i just only need to use a Duace group set, so i could have gear changes from 1 to 50 up to 1 to 200 ratio.
  25. James Aplin

    500 mph Bicycle

    Maybe when i finish building my pc and install UE4, i might come up with on well usually can purchase a Tour de France cycling game, i might be able to come up with a self sustaining human powered 500 mph supercharged bicycle, at lease i wont waist money.