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James Aplin

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  • Birthday 1969-07-15

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    Adelaide Sth Australia
  • Interests
    PlayStation 4 pro at the moment, Unreal engine 4.21, play God of war new one, Far Cry 5, Using Far Cry 4s map editor its similar to UE4, watching movies, food going for walks, building PC for Photorealism using ray tracing haven't got a computer yet, i will.
  • Biography
    My name is James Aplin, male, 49 years old dont own a desktop PC yet i will, im interested getting into game development using Photorealism RTX, i love watching UE4 tutorials, i enter in my system requirements im going to use for UE4 in 4 to 8K, i work from home, im going for 2 4 or 8K monitors is while im working with UE4 on one monitor i can watch UE4 tutorials on the other save doing a game developers coarse for $30,000 i put that towards my $40,000 PC.
  • Occupation
    Pention unemployed


  • CPU
    TR4 AMD Threadripper 2990WX
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X399 AORUS EXTREME EATX
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator Platinum 128 GB DDR4 3466
  • GPU
    2 Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000
  • Case
    Cooler Master cosmos C700P
  • Storage
    4 Samsung 860 Pro 4 TB 2.5" SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair 1200iW 80+ Platinum power supply i own
  • Display(s)
    2 Dell 32" 8K Monitors
  • Cooling
    Asus ROG Ryujin 360 121 CFM Liquid water cooler
  • Keyboard
    Asus ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard
  • Mouse
    Asus ROG Spatha wireless mouse
  • Sound
    Logitech Z906
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    So what could do is when i finish building my pc, is i download Unreal engine 4.21 for free then go and download all mods from nexus mods, to a Samsung 870 pro 4TB SSD, then put all Skyrim nexus mods into Unreal engine 4 game engine, resculpture Skyrim landscape make 5 times larger, sculpt more mountains the install every mod as assets, make it a better Skyrim remastered then Bethesda can do using Photorealism.
  2. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    I was thinking before mods was released for the very first time, i thought that mods completely replaces the corruption on that game disk purchased from the game shop where you buy the game by deleting the bad part like clipping trees and burning the tree upgrade to the game disk so that mod becomes a permanent part of the game so everytime you put the game into the PlayStation, X Box and pc, the mod is a part of the game everytime you play Skyrim instead of the head fuck of downloading all mods putting them all in order again and hope for the best, it would be alot more efficient to download every single mod strip the game Skyrim down to the grid Quads and replace every thing with all those mods like how game developers making a entire game, well all the mods are no different than the assets can purchase on Unreal engine 4.21 all they do is on unreal engine 4 is sculpt the land then before install any assets like environmental landscape assets like tree and grass, they create blue prints using nodes Landscape coordinate, another set of nodes like layer grass, Layer rock, and connect landscape coordinate node to Layer grass with a cord which they click on the landscape coordinate node then drag out the cord like a extension cord and plug it in to Layer grass blue printting on Unreal engine 4 is what making games work so can install the assets like mods.
  3. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    So how does the mods work, Skyrim was made as it is on a disk with a certain amount of compacity like a SSD with 4 TB.
  4. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    So what your saying i can have 2 mods for the Sun.
  5. James Aplin

    Sony Muteki 7.2 to a pc

    I found out someone on you tube has set up a pc connection to a Sony Muteki 7.2, i have the 2450 watt Sony Muteki home theater which i am going to do when i finish building my pc, my Sony Muteki 7.2 is that powerful i could blow my windows, i played Skyrim special edition, Fullout 4 Goty, Farcry 5 ect, sounds like Greater Union, okay i show you tube, i know what you all be thinking, i take photo of my set up. So there you go if using imagination, its amazing what you could do, that model muteki is the 1650 watt version i am paying off through Radio Rentals the 2450 watt version, the top of the range, it is going strong. See as you can see of how emensly powerful Skyrim sounds epic.
  6. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    Will doubling up on mods from two different modders cause issues, or should i choose 1 different mod from each modder, well last night for 4 hours, i was logged into my nexus mod account, i was going through Skyrim Legendary mods, i was going through 54 pages by 20 patch mods, i saved 72 patch mods by activating Track that mod, at the end i checked the mod tracker it saved 72 patch mods over 5 pages, i was wondering all those mods i tracked, will they all be there when i download from nexus, the patch mods are like making mods compatible, NMM, Unofficial Skyrim patch, Unofficial Dragonborn patch, Unofficial Dawngaurd patch i was looking everywhere for unofficial Hearthfire patch which it wasn't there.
  7. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    I thought that loot was available at nexus i know that NMM is available its going to take loot and NMM to go through about 10 thousand mods.
  8. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    Yeh so many mods i end up getting lost within 6,100 mods, i wondering if i pick out 6100 mods i like and save all those mods on nexus mod site, so when i finish building my pc, then all i have to do is download all i saved on the website.
  9. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    Okay i agree with no limit that is awesome im going to be using 128GB of rams, DDR 3466, okay im a member of nexus mods, i have had a good study of all the categories of Skyrim mods with the amount of categories now hear is the list of categories for Skyrim hear we go Alchemy, Animation, Armor, Armor shields, Audio, Audio-SFX music and voice, Body face and hair, books and scrolls, Bug fixes, buildings, Castles palaces Mansions and estates, character presets, cheats and God items, cities towns Villages and Hamlets, clothing, clothing jewelry, collectables treasure hunts and puzzles, combat, crafting, creatures, dungeons, dungeons vanilla, ENB preset, Environmental, Followers and companions, Followers and companions creatures, forts ruins and abandoned structures, Gameplay effects and changes, Guilds/Factions, immersions, items and objects player, item and objects world, Landscape changes, Location, magic gameplay, magic spells and Enchantment, Mercantiles shops stores inns taverns etc, miscellaneous, Modders resources and tutorials, models and textures, mounts, new lands, NPC, NPC children, overhauls, patches, player homes, Quests and Adventures, races classes and birthsigns, save games, Shouts, Skills and leveling, Stealth, User interface, utilities, Configuration, Videos and trailers, Visuals and graphics, Weapons, Weapons and Armour, so there you have it 61 Skyrim mods categories need at least 100 different mods per category.
  10. James Aplin

    Nexus mods

    I would like to know what is the maximum skyrim mods can i download on a PC can i run 5,000 mods without any issues?
  11. James Aplin

    7.2ch surround

    Why do pc only go up to 7.1ch, and why don't they go 7.2ch surround sound Front Left, Front right, center, sound Left, sound Right, Rear back Left, Rear back Right, Sub Left and Sub Right, i got a 2450 watt 7.2ch Home theater system, which is a lot lot better than a 7.1ch, which those system are unbalanced only a single subwoofer doesn't look right, i prefer 7.2 the point 2 is sub left sub right.
  12. James Aplin

    Skyrim special edition

    I download a mod on my PlayStation 4 pro Unofficial Skyrim patch, it seems to work fine but i could not find Unofficial Dragonborne patch.
  13. James Aplin

    Skyrim special edition

    I am playing Skyrim special edition at the moment, they have patched the Alchemy tablei still can manufacture resto pots as you can see how High can still manufacture Fortify Enchantment pots one 24,342% stronger which i used at the Enchantment table didn't break the game Here are the armor ratings for the 4 pieces of Daedric armor So there you go mega armor, i haven't tried the Potion of Fortify Enchantment 91,888% stronger for 30 seconds at the Enchantment table for Enchanting yet.
  14. James Aplin


    I think Skyrim and fullout 4 should be completely rebuilt from the ground up, like Bethesda game studios did when there making the game for the very first time using all the mods using UE4 game engine and use the Farcry 5 grass and tree 4K assets, instead using the poxy d grade game engine, and resell Skyrim Dragon born Dawn gaurd hearthfire, modded edition, at all the game shops, also create a new Farcry 5 DLC, so what the DLC is when you go and help the guy who set up the teleporter, that mission in Farcry 5 where you get that alien weapon, so what this DLC can be is when you install Farcry 5, it also requires you to install Farcry Primal, so when you have to face Joseph seed at the end and walk away you have to travel to the Holland valley to the teleporter, to excape the primary blast zones when the bombs drop, with all your weapons and infinite amo and gas also Faith Seed, then travelling back to Farcry Primal, all weapons are Equipt, LMG scope infinite ammo, rocket Luncher unlimited ammo lockon, Dragonsblood sniper rifle silencer unlimited ammo , flamethrower unlimited gas, cross bow, auto handgun silencer unlimited amo, so the DLC is can use for time travelling, Faith Seed would become a follower, when walk the path when follow that trail of blood starts south of Angels peak, where you get to read 13 cards on the ground while following the trail of blood an white flower pettals, as your following the path and at each check point where cult leader starts shooting you while readind cards Faith Seed starts making animals attack cult leader, then after end up back at Father statue Faith Seed joins you turning against the cult killing all the cult at Father statue and gives a mission where you get a plan or helicopter to destroying the Father statue turning against the Father joining the rebels becomes your permanent follower. Another idea for a game is combination of 2 games Skyrim with all DLC and Farcry 5 mixed, so in the outpost in Farcry 5 there are Skyrim Alchemy and Enchantment tables, when Liberate each outpost in Farcry 5, you get a reward unlock Alchemy and enchantment table at each outpost in a basement, so what the unlock reward is there be a key which will appear after outpost Liberation, also Alchemy and enchantment table unlock at fulls end at tavern and when Liberation of Falls end, also Cyradillic spade tale, Abbaco longfin all throughout all lakes rivers, and salt as well, to use at Alchemy table for making fortified Alchemy potions, and Blue butterflies and Snowberries to create Fortified Enchantment potions, also a Skyrim Forge for creating Hothmam 44 Weapons and Armour, also the Thoumor High Elves, arresting cult for worshipping Joseph seed, so you have to join cult after creating god armour, let me explain find at a sales person see in Farcry 5 to purchase a fortified alchemy necklace or ring, gauntlets, helmet go to a Enchantment table to disenchant to learn its secrets, then enchante 2 pieces of armour and a ring and necklace to get 60% fortified enchantment collect Cyradillic spade tale and salts 100 of each wear 4 pieces of fortified alchemy created at Enchantment table then go to Alchemy table while wearing enchantment pieces create 1 Alchemy pot, then take all 4 enchantment pieces of then drink Alchemy pot, put back all same 4 Fortified enchantment pieces create another Alchemy pot, and repeat the same process over and over again until you create a fortified alchemy potion over a million percent remember each time create a fortified alchemy potion, you must be wearing 4 enchanted fortified alchemy items on glove or gauntlet, a helmet, a necklace a ring, before drink quickly take 4 enchanted pieces of drink fortified alchemy potion, then quickly put same 4 pieces of fortified alchemy items back on then create alchemy potion fortified alchemy potions, after creating million percent Alchemy potion, take 4 pieces of Fortified alchemy items of drink fortified alchemy potion then craft many fortified enchantment potions 60 each fortified enchantment potion will be over 60,000% or anywhere up to over a million percent, in Skyrim i created a fortified alchemy of over 100 million percent but when i try to create a fortified enchantment potions it breaks the game i did find a use a 69,000% fortified enchantment potions for enchantment, was fine just have to work it out, to create fortified armour of about 2 billion armour rating before it goes into negative, die instant death billion armour rating is perfect can jump off 5000ft mountains without dying, go to Faith Seed i got this better Leap of Faith you stay down the bottom of that mountain i go up the very top do a wirlwind dragon shout then land at the bottom on two feet without dying at everyones amazed, then they will think your a God.
  15. James Aplin


    Its going to take a very long time, slow and steady, i refuse to purchase 2nd hand computer components buying someone elses problems,, instead i am going to save up and purchase all the high end components, as i be a head of the class, i have been reading problems people are having with their Pc set ups using UE4, i remember one my UE4 will not run properly with my system set up, the reply that person got from other UE4 forum members you need to upgrade your Pc now we are at Unreal engine 4.21, so im going to head for the top with all the bells and whisles, be a head of everyone else, by the time UE4 upgrade i be ready.