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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    ROG Strix B350-F Gaming
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    Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 MHz 2x8 GB
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    Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ OC
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    Switch 810 Gunmetal Grey SE
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    1.5TB WD, Samsung 840 EVO 120gb SSD, SanDisk Ultra 3D 500gb SSD, Crucial MX300 525 GB M.2
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3
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    43" Sony TV
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    Kraken x62, 4 Stock Switch 810 and 1 Antec Fans
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    Steelseries APEX
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    Razer Naga MMO Edition
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    Logitech 5.1 X530
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    Win 10

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  1. Jesus, your dedication towards LMG is commendable. Spotty is making the exact same argument i am. There is no "bending" of words, titling your video a "review" for clicks then the vid isnt even a review (by your words), is lying. You'd have to be fucking blind or not understand English to think any different.
  2. You claim videos with a review title are not infact review videos. So they are clickbaity titles to bring in that revenue. So they are lying. It's not open for interpretation, it's pretty obvious they stick "review" in the title so when john hancock searches youtube for "that new product" their video shows up in the search results or appears on peoples feed. So when i sell my car i should label it "rare lambo" because i stuck some badges on it? Aye, thought not. Oh and please do "bring it" with your history of internet arguments. Not my 1st rodeo either. But 1st how about you reply to @Spotty
  3. I don't watch his videos anymore, for all the reasons in this thread. They are bending nothing, they title it with "review" to get them clicks. They lie, plain and simple. You're delusional if you think different.
  4. The original Pixel got it (i had the XL). Loved the phone until the horribly designed/feature set of the Pixel 2 came round. That coupled with it not getting infinite storage put me off. Wouldn't be surprised if the P3 didn't get free unlimited storage either.
  5. Yes, if, like i've stated repeatedly, that you'd want to use that space to maximize the internal space of the case for additional customization and have a long ass cable with a brick attached. Out of the way. I feel like i'm Bill Murray in Groundhog Day...
  6. ???? If i didn't want the bulk of the bigger PSU's, and to use the space they take up for a custom build, flexATX included. This picobox (and others of it's size) is perfect. Why are you trying so hard to convince me this isn't a positive?
  7. And this is even smaller than that, giving more room for a custom build inside the case. It's quite useful....
  8. Not really since this is to let you save space inside the case... Perfect for those who want to pimp their case out and don't want a big black brick taking up space and a godsend for smaller form factors where you can have a long extension like cable and the brick sitting out of harms way.
  9. You all do realise Huawei were planning to do this anyway? They just had to get it out sooner because they got forced to not use google. Instead of using google apps while they "perfected" the platform then abandoning google altogether, yeah ?
  10. Guy's, i agree with the "need and not having it" philosophy. I'm saying the people who are saying "but 3.5 is the best!!! Bluetooth is shit!!!", which is 90% of the joes out there, can't tell the difference (this is my unpop opinion, not that we don't need the jack). They are used to bluetooth from 15-20 years ago when it was shite and still hold that opinion. Today's bluetooth option's are extremely good in quality if you're willing to spend a little.
  11. True its "nice to have", but for all those yelling about "but my flacc's!!!11one, I need a jack!!" couldn't tell their arse from their elbow in a blind test. I guess my unpopular tech opinion is losing the jack isn't as big an issue as people make it and "having to charge one more thing /need a dongle" is on the same moan level as old men bitching about the price of bread.
  12. Yup, the amount of whiteknighting in this thread is unbelievable. Its not your imagination.
  13. God dammit, I was going to say this. I fully agree. Unless you're in a soundproofed 6 figure from set up, or a sound engineer /producer... The average Joe will never know the difference if they buy decent Bluetooth headphones or buds (jabra elite 65t for example)