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  1. First find what is stable to your Fclock and then mess with ram.
  2. I'm into audio, so it is really hard for me to fuck up, even if you use push to talk, discord just decides that nope you will be cut off here. It has been happening to my friend for a long time and he has tried every setting under the sun. I was fine until recently where my friend started to have the same issue with me. And Overtone worked fine, just adjusted some volume sliders here and there, end of story. Hangouts are pretty bad, Skype is a wind tunnel simulation, slack is freemium, so I am not entirely sure about that one at the moment.
  3. Just looking for an alternate way to communicate with my friends. Text chat and voice chat. Discord was great, back in beta... Now, just unable to use it pretty much, unless you have nitro. Apparently if you don't have nitro it will cut you off for a long ass time, which means whatever you say won't get across. I wouldn't believe such things if it wasn't such an obvious pain of asking your friend to repeat himself 5 times and hoping that one of those times he will be able to complete his sentence. Or your friend not hearing you at all. Also I don't fancy anything, but the voice and chat feature. Currently found something called Overtone, it works... But something about that thing, that annoys me, but for now it will do as a voice chat, as it works great! Just want to know if anyone knows other voice apps? You know ones that aren't from 10 years ago, because everyone hisses in those and sound horrible. Nostalgic, but not a great experience.
  4. So my new build is going to be, overkill for no reason other than I just want to. It will have an E-ATX motherboard and so I need a case to fit it in, but I'm struggling to find one that I am happy with? Most cases for whatever reason have too much extra unused space and it annoys the shit out of me. Like 12 HDD bays, I won't even have 1 HDD... Basically I want a case that can fit a full size E-ATX motherboard and PSU with enough room for a GPU, but not much else besides that. Personally I want a handle to be able to lift it easily, but it's not a great big trend. ^^ I feel like giving up and just going with a test bench, because incidentally it fits exactly what I need and nothing else. ^^ Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the replies! Kinda was thinking yeah that a full ATX motherboard, you can't really get that small. Perhaps i'm looking at it the wrong way? Perhaps I should look into silent cases more, since nobody likes loud systems... Well most certainly need to think about how to approach this.
  6. Hi there! I recently was scratching my head and... Why on earth do I have an i7 3770k in a good motherboard with 16GB's of rams attached to it just laying about? Aside from the original titan as well... Anyway I decided to put it to good use and pass it down to whoever needs it, now I first need to get all the components. So I need a case. now I don't want to spend a lot of money on this and I doubt it will be used in any high performance scenarios anyway, but I want a small enclosure, since I have an ATX motherboard I don't really want to change it. Which is why it is not as easy to find a small enclosure. So far I myself have found Lian-Li PC A05FNB, which is ancient, but small. In any case, just want to see what ideas other people have and then I can decide what I can get and use and what I shouldn't.