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    rocketbagel reacted to Nas in Need to wipe an iPhone 8 for legitimate reasons   
    I'd imagine whoever had the phone changed the password, and the company doesn't want to waste any more resources dealing with this issue.
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    rocketbagel reacted to WereCatf in Will it fry my arduino   
    That's not how electricity works: you don't push current into a device, the device draws it. 3000mA current-capacity means that any device connected to your power-supply can draw up to that much, not that the PSU will push that current into your device; if the device only needs, say, 60mA, then that's what it'll draw and no more.
    The voltage is the one that breaks stuff -- if you're supplying more voltage than a device can handle, you're liable to fry things.
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    rocketbagel reacted to Turtle Rig in Laptop for a grand parent   
    Yes, no need to throw a heavy laptop at her and what not.  GIve her something effective and simple.  I would get her a Surface Pro or a tablet but you would need to make the fonts much bigger so she can read,,,,,,
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    rocketbagel got a reaction from captain_aggravated in Buying an arduino   
    Thank you for clarifying
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    rocketbagel reacted to captain_aggravated in Buying an arduino   
    Here's how Arduino works:  They released the schematics for their boards as open source hardware, inviting just anyone to make identical products.  They do maintain and (try to) enforce the trademark on the words "Arduino" and "Genuino" along with the "Infinity, more or less" logo and probably their distinctive shade of teal.  Paraphrasing their words:  If you can make our hardware cheaper and thus available to more people, great!  But, buying a brand name board from us does benefit the people who designed the boards and wrote the software, so we do want it to be easy to tell which boards actually come from us. 
    It seems that the concept of open source hardware was lost on the Chinese, who proceeded to flood the market with lower quality knockoff boards complete with trademark infringing markings out of sheer force of habit, often at very low prices.  A genuine Uno might cost upwards of $25, while a knockoff board might run you $3.
    The ones marked "Arduino compatible" with blue--not teal--boards that don't say "Arduino" anywhere physically on them are from the guys who are trying to play by the rules, as are the ones that are any color under the sun (Sparkfun, for example, makes bright red Arduino compatibles.  Adafruit is a special case, they manufacture genuine Arduino products under license).  Try to avoid the ones that illegally bear the Arduino trademark.  You can tell them apart from the genuine boards pretty easily by price.
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    rocketbagel got a reaction from Bananasplit_00 in Groovy-est pc   
    That video is hilarious, it is pretty much the use I envision "useless but a novelty"
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    rocketbagel reacted to Bananasplit_00 in Groovy-est pc   
    id strap a lava lamp to a GPU rather, or do the infamous pentium 4 hand warmer thing lmao
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    rocketbagel reacted to givingtnt in G933 vs. Hyperx cloud revolver   
    Literally ANYTHING other than the g933s

    I have had them since (idk, launch or something)

    they are the worse. I have had 4 pairs in total
    the 3 other were returned because they broke.

    Stay away from them !

    I can't comment for the rest though. I have never tried those.
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    rocketbagel reacted to manikyath in Best headset under $100   
    i see you like snake oil.
    two reasons why 7.1 headsets are BS:
    - you have two ears, how many speakers do you need?
    - in a 7.1 setup you need two center placed speakers, or since you cant have center speakers 5 speakers per earcup, which makes them either use tiny drivers, or weight a metric ton
    rant aside..
    i still love my hyperx cloud.. looks like the hyperx cloudx is its most alike modern replacement.
    EDIT: correction.. they made a refresh of the cloud.. go for that one.
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    rocketbagel reacted to Darkseth in Poco f1 8gb   
    That's because your Android System always keeps 1gb Free. This isn't really an Argument FOR a 4gb phone beeing enough.
    On my 8gb Oneplus 6t (so a clean, slim OS), Android-OS alone uses up 1.9gb right now. Android-System 500+mb. System-UI 480 mb.
    This is 3gb used up by only these 3 things. In addition there are stuff like Launcher, Google services, etc etc.
    On a 4gb phone, you can only use 3.5 - 3.6gb, beause 400-500 mb will always be reserved for the system for stuff like Graphics.
    With this, if my Phone had only 4gb Ram, i would have around 500 megabytes free space to "use" for any kind of Apps i use. And that won't happen, because no Android phone is set up to keep 100% memory filled, it always keeps something free.
    --> Android CAN use more than 4gb Ram, if there IS more than 4gb Ram.
    Noone said 8gb will be faster. But it will hold more apps in the memory with less reloads.
    I personally also rather have 8gb Ram instead of 6, for a modern flaggship, which i will probably use for the next 3 Years.