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  1. Chris9090

    True wireleas earbuds

    Looking at buying my first pair of truly wireless ear buds. I dont usually go shopping for ear buds so im not sure what i should be looking at. Please and thank you for the help. I want the best pair as possible for the lowest cost.
  2. Chris9090

    Looking for a good pair of wireless earbuds

    Okay, the only reason I'm looking for true wireless compared to other wireless headphones is so that I can have one in my ear at work and still be able to listen to my coworkers
  3. Chris9090

    Looking for a good pair of wireless earbuds

    How about true wireless earbuds are there any good ones that fit my price range
  4. So I have wired pair of earbuds but I would like to also have a good pair of wireless pair of headphones as well just in the off chance that I would need them. However, I am not good at shopping for a good pair of headphones, what I should be looking for and what not. I have a budget of $75 but I would like to get a good pair for less if it is possible.
  5. Chris9090

    Cant Make Up My Mind

    Usage: basically everything besides gaming. Web surfing, video streaming, doing homework assignments. Mainly video streaming Weight: nothing more than 5 lb sRGB: I would be okay with low
  6. Chris9090

    Cant Make Up My Mind

    Location: US Usage: high Weight: not heavy, not a gaming laptop, can't give exacts RGB: I Don't Care, preferably to distracting because I will be using it in class battery life: preferably around 5 to 6 hours
  7. Chris9090

    Cant Make Up My Mind

    Well I have really only looked at the XPS 13 but I just looked on Newegg and Amazon about the 15 and they seem to be a bit pricey, I'm seeing prices of around $1,500 and that is a bit higher than I am wanting to spend. is it that I'm just looking at the really high end of the XPS 15's and I'm not seeing the cheaper ones or are they all that high?
  8. Chris9090

    Cant Make Up My Mind

    A good keyboard, screen, and, a large battery as well as being future proof. I want to have this laptop for a large amount of time.
  9. Chris9090

    Cant Make Up My Mind

    I have looked at the XPS 13 but the screen is smaller than I want
  10. Chris9090

    Cant Make Up My Mind

    Not really, I have a good tower for gaming on
  11. So I'm looking for a new laptop for college and I can't decide what laptop I should get. I'm currently using Microsoft Surface 3 and it is definitely showing its age. My budget is around $1000 and I'm looking for a bigger screen like a 15in or bigger. I like the surface line of devices and have been looking at getting the Microsoft surface laptop 2 but I can't seem to convince myself to get it. I am also interested in other options than just surface options. Please help.