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  1. Sweet! I appreciate it!
  2. Thats what I thought but im sure we all know shouldnt and how it actually works can be two different things. Which is why im reaching out to those that might have insight into it
  3. Thats what i was thinking about the cables but i read that some of the cables are directional and wouldnt like to be almost done and have to buy another HBA and cable set
  4. You will be able to use the usb 3 port, but not the usb c port. It looks like the board only has one usb 3 header as well.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am looking to build a NAS/Server, I already have the parts mainly picked out but the case that connects the drives to the system has a SFF-8643 backplane. I am trying to find a cable that will work with a SFF-8087 HBA. I am unsure if i can use a standard SFF-8643 to SFF-8087 cable, a specific cable, or i would have to get a SFF-8643 HBA. The system I am putting together a VM/Fileserver and I want to passthrough the HBA instead of each drive as i am going to use Freenas. I am building this to replace my R710. The case is Silverstone CS381B MicroATX Desktop Case
  6. I'm planning on using this as a Nas not for my plex.
  7. Why would you recommend an apu?
  8. I think that would be OK but with most micro atx and other boards have a 2 port pcie and I want to say my 960 ftw is a dual pcie card and with a HBA and 10g card would take those up but thankfully I do have a working plwx server so it shouldn't matter too much
  9. I was thinking amd would be the better cpu, I honestly thought I would have to get a hba for the drives but was hoping someone had a better option. For the OS I was planing on either a sata ssd/nvme/m.2 ssd for a boot device but honestly a USB header to USB would be more than adequate for my purposes. Honestly depending on the power of the Nas I could put in my 960 for a graphics card and run my plex off of it. All depending on how it turns out because I do have a r710 but wanted a better plex/backup system.
  10. Thanks Quadrum! So would you say a ryzen 5 1600 would be good enough in my use case? And do you have any examples of boards that I can connect 8 drives maybe 9 or would you suggest an HBA card? Oh I am planning on using maybe synology dsm - yeah I know lol- or freenas
  11. Hello everyone, I am looking to build a small Nas system as a backup using this case https://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Technology-Mini-Itx-Computer-DS380B-USA/dp/B07PCH47Z2 I want an 8 bay and if there are other cases like it that are cheaper that is welcome as well. I am unsure of what mobo/cpu that would be best for this. I would like to keep the cost for the system low but do not want to be cheap and lose beneficial features/opportunities. I will be planning on putting a 10g network card in it as I hear I can connect it directly to my plex server. I am looking forward to hearing your advice.
  12. i would use this for gaming or watching movies at home! but seriously is there a link to buy these?!
  13. Sorry guys i was concentrated on work school and trying to get my data back... took me awhile and your way was close to what i needed. but i do have the recovery key and password but not the keypackage which is what i found out i need.... wish i would have known that before hand.... if you guys know how to get the keypackage out of the recovery key password or anything else i would be most appreciative. For others refrence I did run tests and found out (for anyone that is in this situation) If you deleted the bit locker encrypted volume/partition DO NOT format it. Create a volume but on the step to format it select do not format. after you have done that use repair-bde as admin follow examples with this link (credit-rcmaehl ) - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-server-2012-R2-and-2012/ff829851(v=ws.11) Using another hard drive preferably larger than the orginal create a file with repair-bde i find using 7-zip you can open the output file with the options open archive as .. and try different types and if everything goes well you will have your data back. -Note: you can get back your data if it has been formatted once but possibilities diminish as you put more data on/format it several times.
  14. How could i copy the data if i cannot access it? And thank you for the quick reply ill look into the link
  15. I have a two drive laptop, one m.2 and one sata ssd. The m.2 is unencrypted and the ssd was bitlocker encrypted. I was doing some OS migration with tools and a friend. My friend accidentally formatted my sata ssd and now i am trying to get the data back. I have tried several programs but none seem to be able to access the encrypted data. Does anyone have an idea how i may be able to get my data back. My ssd is currently in RAW format nothing has been written on it since the incident. I do have the recovery key and the password for bitlocker, if that helps at all.