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  1. TheManInTheSuite

    GPU Crash / System powers off

    ok, i will try it later out!
  2. TheManInTheSuite

    GPU Crash / System powers off

    My Mem's stable, no Problems there! I don't get an BSOD.
  3. TheManInTheSuite

    GPU Crash / System powers off

    Sometimes both, did shut down 3 times Completely as if the power was cut.
  4. TheManInTheSuite

    GPU Crash / System powers off

    They use the Reference PCB on the AMP and Triple Fan, and since im the only one having those issues and couldn't find anything on Google i hoped to find help here!
  5. TheManInTheSuite

    GPU Crash / System powers off

    I don't think it is, CPU stays around 50-60c°, GPU goes max 65c°
  6. TheManInTheSuite

    GPU Crash / System powers off

    It's a MSI Tomahawk B450.
  7. TheManInTheSuite

    GPU Crash / System powers off

    Hello, firstly, i don't know where to exactly post this thread, so im going to post it to the PSU thread to. here's a quick list of my Specs; Ryzen 7 2700 (not oc'ed) Freezer 33 ESports Cooler 2 x 8 ViperX RAM DDR4, 2666Mhz MSI B450 Tomahawk RTX 2080 ti ZOTAC Triple Fan (also not oc'ed) Corsair Vengeance V650M AND previously Corsair CX 550 (Grey Unit) 2 x 1TB HDD 7.2K 1 x 2 TB WD Black 7.2K 5 RGB Coolers So, my problem is, that many, if not all of my Games Crash when im after a while of gaming. To describe it more precisely: When im Running a game like Infinite Warfare or Battlefield V, i have to different scenarios in those games Infinite Warfare: Crashes after a few minutes of Gaming, no error message. Battlefield V: crashes after around 20-30 minutes, no error message. or the System shuts completely down. it doesn't matter if i overclock the GPU or not. i tried multiple times to uninstall the drivers (also with DDU) and to reinstall them, it didn't work, also i changed my PSU from that CX550 to the Vengeance V650M, because i thought it was a power delivery issue. So, i don't know why they crash, it's not the fault of my CPU or Motherboard, neither are the PSUs, because with my "old" RTX 2080 with OC it just worked fine without any problems. could it be the fault of the GPU/GPU Memory? Thx for the help!
  8. oh, and before i get the question "why upgrade from an ryzen 7 2700 to an Ryzen 5 3600x", well, it was an example and i bet the CPU itself would be much better hence the rumoured IPC improvement aswell as 7nm and higher Base/Boost Clocks. And i cpould just easily sell my old Ryzen 7 2700.
  9. oops, didn't want to "Pin" it, anyways, the problem is that i don't have currently a board at all. I have an Ryzen 7 2700 pointlessly lying around doing nothing since my Old Board just gave up, something near the GPU Bracket burnt away and it died.
  10. well, ok, than i probably don't really have a choice other than just wait that week- the thing still is, that an announcement doesn't mean they gonna immediately sell Boards, so i still would need a relaible one, because i can't wait 2 Months until they're actually will be able to be bought.
  11. and i guess the war's beginning with both of u? Well, guess i will at least get some different opinions ^^! But if it's about the safety of my Next PC i would rather go safe i guess- sao i maybe just should take the tomahwk, idk.
  12. i've had used ASRock boards in the past, i was pretty happy with them, also ASUS gave me a good experience.
  13. Thx! But this board costs where i live more than 150€.
  14. thx! the Tomahawk looks like a pretty nice board, but do u have any other suggestions not from MSI? I've heard that their UEFI Experience isn't the Best, if not, thx anyways!