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  1. SATA ports? You just need those for additional hard drive space. If you have a lot of hard drives you want to put into the system than yes, I can see why you would want to choose a SATA SSD over a M.2. But if you are only going to have one or two extra hard drives, then the M.2 is a more attractive option due to the raw speed over a SATA SSD.
  2. How many SATA ports do you need?
  3. Looks like a solid build. Only thing I would probably change is the SSD and get a M.2 drive.
  4. Just going to throw this out here. If your primary use is for video editing, I think you would be far better with a 2700 and get the extra 4 threads. That will help quite a bit. Perhaps the pricing is a bit out of range where you are located?
  5. With all the systems I had built in the past 30 years, it truly is a gamble. I always prepare to do a complete reinstall. It certainly is the best option for optimal operation. But sometimes I will try and get away with it and sometimes I do. And of course there are times it didn't work. Just keep your important data backed up in case it doesn't work.
  6. Ahh, gotcha. Also here I am going through my manual because I just used the same board for my wife's build. If I was more observant, I would have seen you already posted a picture of the troubleshooting beeps. lol
  7. Are you trying to boot the machine without plugging in the video card? The pictures don't show a plug in the card.
  8. I am assuming you bought 2 x 16gb? Or 4 x 8 gb? What you can try booting with only one stick at a time and see if there is just a bad stick. Run through your BIOS like you already did, but with only one stick installed.
  9. There are so many options at $150 or less. I built my stepson's computer using the NZXT 500 (non-I) and it was a pleasure. He actually picked all the parts himself but I had to assemble it. It is a fine case. The materials are a bit on the cheaper side as I would expect at that price point but still ended up pretty good. I bought some 140mm UpHere RGB fans for him and he loves it. I also built my wife a machine for Christmas using the BitFenix Nova Mesh RGB which is roughly the same size as the NZXT. An attractive case in my opinion and easy to build in. The price is quite reasonable too and it comes with four 120mm RGB fans. Probably not the best fans but they seem to work okay so far. Only using a Ryzen 5 1600 so those fans will be more than enough. My wife just bought me a Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB for Christmas. It is a bit more than your 150 dollar limit, but not by a huge amount. I was coming from a Cooler Master HAF-X that I had been using for the past 8 years. That case was very nice and large but it was time to look at something else. So she bought me the TT case. Absolutely beautiful case with tons of room. I am still doing some RGB and wiring final touches to it but it has been fun building in this thing. There are just so many nice options out there though. Lots of praise for the Meshify-C as well. I just mentioned these particular cases due to recent building experience with them.
  10. Clock per clock, the statement would be correct. The IPC of the new Ryzen's are now a bit better than Intel's. BUT, the Intel will still overclock much higher so you can get better results across the board and not just in games.
  11. Just got done transplanting my system into the new case my wife bought me for Christmas. This thing is heavy. I am going to remove the fans for several LL140s though. Then I'll finish cleaning it up a bit more with the cabling.
  12. Thanks for the advice folks. I was already leaning towards the Corsair LL140 fans but just wanted to see if there was any comparable options. I am not normally a heavy RGBish person though my current build does have some. Just that this nearly all glass case I'm getting, I figured why not.
  13. So I just found out purely by accident that I am getting a new case for Christmas. It is time I retired my overworked and underpaid HAF-X ( still a great case though ) that I have had for the past 8 years or so. I am looking for the best light show possible for a Thermaltake View71 TG RGB case. Money is no issue. I just want the best possible light show that an array of case fans can offer. So hit me with your best shot.
  14. I wouldn't worry about the bottleneck. You will still be able to play a very large amount of games at respectable frame rates at 1080p. The whole bottleneck thing is highly overrated.
  15. This is well below max temps. But not knowing your ambient temperatures and not entirely familiar with your particular cooler, it would be hard to judge. But in my opinion, it might be a little on the high side. But only a little. Just for comparison sake, my AIO cools my 2700 with a mild overclock to 3.9ghz, 36C-38C on idle and about 72C max I've seen so far at this speed. My ambient temperatures are usually in the mid to high 70s F.
  16. What program are you using to see the ram speed? Typically you would multiply that reading by two. So, if it says 1600, then it is running at 3200.
  17. One thing you could probably do to fix it is stick it in the oven. I believe Linus or someone on youtube did that. Or if you are good at soldering, look for cold joints and touch them up. I use to fix a lot of CRT monitors that way.
  18. I wish I had a better answer but it sounds like the card just died. It happens.
  19. userbenchmark is probably doing something silly. Here is my latest userbenchmark results and I just ran Heaven as well for any comparisons you want to look at. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/18709649
  20. It would probably be best to record on a second computer and capture card.
  21. I am kind of guessing you are in the same boat as me. I am getting older (51) and gaming isn't really something I do a whole lot of anymore. I had been on the Intel side since the Core2Duo (AMD before that) days when I believed it to be the best bang for your buck since O/Cing was incredible. Then I ran an I5-2500k for about 6 years until a component failed and I built a new machine 2 years ago. I decided to give AMD a chance with the Ryzen 1600 and I never regretted my decision. For me, it was a nice and cost efficient upgrade with the extra cores and threads. It still allowed me to play some of the games I still play once in a while. But really helped with photography and some light video work. So I believe with any processor you buy now days whether Ryzen or Intel, it will still have enough punch to breeze through any application you toss at it. So just look for the best bang for your buck. The I5-9600k will definitely be a good single thread performer with a nice 5ghz o/c.
  22. Oh yeah, that will do well. Good solid build. I am currently running what you see in my signature. I just do some light gaming and what little titles I play, I can run them at max settings with good results. I also do some photography and some light video editing and it runs my software nicely. Don't expect to break any benchmarking records I believe you should be happy with that build.
  23. No it isn't. It still has enough punch to it for what she does. I have a R5 1600 collecting dust that I want to put in her machine. She is like nah....Don't touch my computer. It is running just fine the way it is.