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    the talkative corpse.
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    dictionarias the capital of alphabias in the encyclodia towr
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    building and the amd vs intel battle
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    I box cool my laptop
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    being the IT guy and oldest in a familly of 8 kids with more computers than people


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    core i3 2330m @2.20ghz
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    HP custom
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    radeon 7400m
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    hp pavillion g6
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    240 gb
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    hp custom
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    Crappy blower fan that can not cool this laptop properly and a box
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    hp custom :)
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    amazon basics
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    popOS 19.04

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  1. so my towns FTC team has this electrical component that we need and we have 2. it is called a rev expansion hub. one of them has survived 3 cups of water being poured on it 1 cup of mountain dew and the port was drilled out. and it died last week on wednesday. all of this happenned at least two years ago.

  2. we don't really directly contact him. that is kinda a thing for the comments on videos.
  3. I can boot windows by changing boot prioritys in bios.
  4. anyone know of a replacement for msi mystic light for ram and rgb headers?
  5. yes you can be banned for spamming.
  6. does everybuddy have this purple thing in the corner of the screen or is it just me?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. will4623


      I have facebook container and I run manjaro now. it happens when a page is loading.

    3. DildorTheDecent


      There you go. You'll see that little dot whenever Facebook container does its job.

    4. will4623
  7. banned for catching that (thanks).
  8. no. it just boots directly to manjaro. if I hit escape it goes to the grub menu though. just doesn't have windows.