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  1. Thank you a lot! I think I'll finally go for the Omen for the extra RAM and SSD.
  2. Don't worry about the late reply. I prefer a good performance laptop, but graphics are not that important (I just want it to have a discreet graphics card).
  3. I have found this HP Omen DC-0015, and its display seems to have 95% sRGB support, according to this page (both have a 144Hz display so I'm assuming it is the same one) Would you recommend this laptop? Despite being so ugly.
  4. https://www.pccomponentes.com/ Amazon Spain https://ultimainformatica.com/ https://www.fnac.es/ordenador-PC/Portatiles/s1279
  5. Gracias por la sugerencia! Pero 17" es demasiado, ya que lo estaría moviendo bastante. Thanks for the suggestion! But 17 inches is too much, since I'll be moving it a lot.
  6. My budget is approximately 1000€ (I live in Spain). I already have a nice desktop PC so I won't be doing much gaming on this laptop. What I'm gonna need is a nice display (good sRGB support). I currently have a 2kg laptop so I'd like to keep it around that, but something like 2.5 kg wouldn't be a problem either. Regarding battery life, when I'm doing heavy work (Photoshop + Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects...) I usually have a power outlet nearby, but I'm still a student so it would be great to have like 4-6 hours of battery life while typing and web browsing. Thank you so much!