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  1. A USB C to USB A adapter was included with my Samsung Galaxy S10. Can this adapter handle higher wattage power throughput if it was connected to A USB PD port instead of the phone, assuming the connected device can pull that much power? Or is it just for small USB drives for the phone?
  2. Check the Nvidia control panel (if you have an Nvidia card), then you can look for a processor selection option. Some dont have this option though.
  3. Google Drive is the easiest solution. 5 GB free, quick uploads and downloads.
  4. Agreed. And smartphones purposely make audio quality lower for more efficient transmission. High bitrate audio can quickly get into the MB range, which is undesired for mobile phones on a cellular network, because remember, somebody who still has a flip phone needs to be able to call people with newer and better phones. Its all about compatibility.
  5. Depending on the media you are opening, the computer may decide that it would be more practical to display it with dedicated GPU. Also, on my Acer Predator 17X (similiar system), integrated graphics functionality is completely disabled. Have you been able to use integrated graphics before?
  6. I usually have issues when I have other drivers installed for audio. Like when iCUE for my corsair headset is installed, Resolve will stop responding after loading for 5 minutes. But after I uninstalled iCUE, it loaded quickly. Also, on the bottom left of the Resolve loading window, what does it say its loading? Mine says something about an audio panel when it freezes. This is what lead me to believe it was an audio driver confliction.
  7. I was going to recommend drinking a few beers, but you could also just downscale the display resolution to like below 480p if possible. But on screen windows might get REALLLLYYYY big due to scaling.
  8. FFMPEG with Axiom GUI. https://github.com/MattMcManis/Axiom/releases/download/v1.7.7.0-alpha/Axiom.FFmpeg.7z
  9. Agreed. And if command line is too difficult, use "Axiom GUI", its a user interface for FFMPEG. Best software I have ever used to convert media.
  10. Is there file permissions in place restricting your access to the files? (Right click on the file or folder and select Properties and Security)
  11. Does your M.2 Slot support NVMe? NVMe and SATA are the two types of M.2 SSDs. Same M.2 Slot, but different connector on the SSD itself. Check your motherboard manual for this info. NVMe is much faster (2000MB/S +) but SATA usually maxes out around 500MB/s.
  12. Why do you not want internet access? I would recommend just using a firewall to block undesired traffic from programs, and leave the IP settings unchanged. If this is not an option, try changing the "Port Filtering" settings on your router. Then last option is to change the DNS settings to something black or invalid, this prevents the machine from locating the IP addresses of websites outside your network.
  13. I plan to have it built in that time frame because my current system is soon to become trash due to multiple failing components and older technology, and I wont have the funds until Mid Summer.
  14. thank you, and I somewhat agree. I know technology is constantly evolving and improving, but how can I best adapt my system to accept the future technology? Example: I dont want to have to change the motherboard just because the socket type becomes obsolete. And with RAM, is a lower speed good to use? or should I use 3200MHz and faster RAM that has been developed recently.
  15. I have roughly a $1,500 budget and 6 - 10 month build time to build a decent rig for non-competitive gaming (AAA Titles, 1440p 75+ Hz is my highest expectation for this rig. ) and basic video editing tasks. What should I consider in this build? I want this to be compatible with upcoming hardware for years to come for easy upgrades. Should I go Intel or AMD? How much processing power will future games require (best guess)? Should I wait a little longer for the next gen CPU and GPU to be released and go that route? Any other considerations or ideas?