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  1. So in these corona times when we're all in an endless teams/skype call probably a great time to make a video about one of the mysteries of the universe: how to make your audio output: 1) actually output and 2) output where you want it to output (headset, speakers, monitor?) In the past I associated the mystical behavior of my audio output to the fact that I was always plunging and unplugging my pc to office/home monitor (bcs one of the monitor has sounds?) but these days I just accepted that spotify wont output from my docking station as everyone else...
  2. that makes sense @markr54632. any suggestion on good brands? my main concern is video output. im not a gamer but like shap images and may consider even adding a 3rd monitor if possible. do docking stations have video cards inside?
  3. Hey, Trying to buy a dockstation to be able to plug two monitors in my thinkpad X1carbon (5th gen) 20 HR (yes it took me half hour just to find out which laptop i have) lenovo page gives me 5 options (https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/docksSearch/) and, aside from obvious things like looking for htmi output, i can't figure out what is so different in use cases that they wouldn't offer me just 2 or 3 options. and i couldn't find a single linus video on docking stations!!! what should i pay attention while comparing docking stations? tks!
  4. something like 500 euros for the 2 screens
  5. Looking for the best value for the buck monitor for programming. Prefer dual monitor set-up so no utra-wide. No need to game well. Does it make sense to look for 2 hand? tks peoples...