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  1. caincha

    Low profile radiator and fans?

    The OP reminded me of this:
  2. caincha

    Laptop water cooling

    I would try to find a smaller version of this and plug it into a chiller: https://qedscientific.com/hico-patient-cooling-heatng-water-blankets.html
  3. caincha

    THIS Piece of JUNK was my first phone!

    How about this then:
  4. caincha

    Better search engine

    Nah my number of posts and date of registration does not reflect how long I’ve been spending my life in online forums haha
  5. caincha

    Better search engine

    Already is my default search engine on Opera with the in-built VPN running - faulty as it is anyway
  6. caincha

    Better search engine

    Ah the mod said I should look at the top that’s why I couldn’t find it. Awesome thank you!!
  7. caincha

    Better search engine

    No one here ever seen anything like this? Wow...
  8. caincha

    Better search engine

    Can we have search by subforum and by thread? I've seen this elsewhere and it's very useful: I can search for something in Mods for instance without getting hits in graphic cards or vice-versa and so on… If this feature already exist I apologise but I couldn't find it
  9. caincha

    Experiences with non-techies

    I've got an uncle that once asked me to have a look into his - VERY old - PC because he thought someone hacked into it and infected with nasty viruses. To think someone would go into the trouble to hack his PC was ludicrous on its own but when he said it happened when the whole family was away and his PC was turned off I just face-palmed myself so hard it almost hurt lol
  10. caincha

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Can it be old pictures from when I still had them…? I’ve got my first computer 20 years ago a slotted Pentium III 450mhz running Windows 95. Then upgraded to a Pentium 4 with RamBus memory running Windows 2000 and from there it only took me a while to start modding and upgrading myself - back then it was really expensive so I wasn’t really ready to risk breaking anything right away. I really enjoyed playing around with it once I learned how to do it and used to get/share my ideas on the www.ocforums.com and if PhotoBucket hadn’t killed my photos anyone would be able to see how gheto my contraptions were lol https://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/375165-Increasing-Fan-RPM?p=3567395&viewfull=1#post3567395 https://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/187469-Card-Modding-Gallery?p=3512435&viewfull=1#post3512435 Also my first case-mod which I still have the pictures. Nothing on that case was stock I had to ask a car painter to get that silver properly and my side panel was real glass as I couldn’t get an acrylic one. Plus keep in mind that in those days RGB wasn’t easy to get and case mods weren’t as easy to get as it is today: (And seeing that now - silver with handles - ain’t no surprise I liked Apple’s design for the aluminium PowerMac which came a couple years after this) Then these are the pictures of what I think was my last PC - and I sure did overclocked it too: Also had the iBook Indigo running OS9 (purchased fairly recently): And I'm currently trying to overclock a PowerBook G4 1.5ghz: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/worlds-fastest-imac-g4-2-ghz-imac-g4-cpu-upgrade.2125765/page-2#post-26485049 EDIT: I Almost forgot that I've been playing around with some Linux distros recently (highly recommend ZorinOS and ChaletOS - also MorphOS for PPCs) and my Bluetooth kb+m don't play nice with them so I bought a Apple kb+m (which I don't recommend the mouse for the lack of 2 buttons - but they do look great so I kept them both)
  11. caincha

    Which (Intel) CPU Should You Buy?

    I was thinking about this recently and since it's from 2016 I think my choice stands even though it ain't on the video or spreadsheet: I was looking for a 6770k but in the end I chose the i7 4790k as most benchmarks I found online showed the 4970k as superior and it was almost half as much as the 6770k so there's that (for those still interested).