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  1. Which one has the thinnest block yet best cooling performance: H45 or H5SF or H60V2? Anywhere I could find their dimensions and cooling performance preferably in a sheet-like layout?
  2. I would try to 'flatten' the copper tubing where it touches the mounting brackets. Also you must be sure it is actually transferring the heat to the liquid you're using - if it isn't or barely does it then you'll have to re-think your approach. As for radiator/pump: no ideal what you got for radiator but I'd use something automotive/motorcycle and that is thin that can be used as a 'stand' or with an actual stand and can be cooled by one of those slot fans or similar. https://www.amazon.com/Chrome-Cooler-Harley-Davidson-Other-Motorcycles/dp/B00II7WABE?tag=brn0d-20 As for the pump I don't see any other choice but to get something from a AIO watercooler - check eBay for something used…? Loved the idea and the reasoning for doing it by the way. I'm quite like that myself - people saying it can't be done combined with love for tinkering are my main reasons to go there and do it! As a matter of fact I'm gonna research something for a similar project but for my iMac…
  3. You definitely should! Not just for the fact that if something bad happens - liquid damage, drops and so on - you're out of luck if you need a very important project you had no backup off and there's no way to get it back as you can't take the storage to another laptop but also that because you can't fix it (for the same reasons) so there's no way to recover that data either! Those - and the total lack of vision since Steve Jobs died so no innovations since 2011 - are my main gripes with Apple for the past 5~7 years.
  4. Wasn't this what Apple did with the 12" MacBook back in 2015 as in using the A mobile chip but running a full version of MacOS?!
  5. Someone please hit Linus again! He obviously ain't himself in this video!!!
  6. Toque might be French-Canadian? I mean in New Zealand they also call it beanies…
  7. It's gut-wrenching to see they cutting through like it's nothing but I gotta say I loved the end result. It looks awesome!!
  8. Ok tell you what: I'll quit any video with video focus issues alright? So much money in cameras and gear and still can't manage to keep it in focus? I'm out…
  9. Well as seen on the latest WAN Show (November 29th) they are trying which is something
  10. Intel/Mac here (if it's a Mac it is Intel - redundant but anyway). This is starting to get really interesting! Not only for AMD perspective but also expecting to see what Intel is gonna come up with and how long will it take - if at all! BTW yeah it's a different thing but come on it's also the same : how is the development of ARM for laptops/desktops? Been hearing/reading about it for at least a couple years now but don't know if anything real has been done yet. If they do have something real in the works (and again, I know it ain't supposed to be top contender) maybe there's a video there somewhere…? @GabenJr
  11. Hey @CPotter how many parts this series will have? I'm waiting to watch the whole thing at once but don't know if I can wait too long…
  12. Fair enough. It's not my first language so…
  13. I realised I don't know how to tag either Nick, Colton or Linus himself. Oh well nevermind them… It's not like I need LTT merch anyway I just would like to buy something but whatever…