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    Store Manager at Computer Elite


  • CPU
    ryzen 2600 @4.15
  • Motherboard
    asus B450F
  • RAM
    16gb corsair vengeance 3200mhz
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    lian li pc o11 dynamic black
  • Storage
    1tb samsung 860evo
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    2x 750w thermaltake smart power rgb
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    asus 27" 144hz + samsung 55" 4k tv
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    hyper 212
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    k95 platinum
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    windblows 10

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  1. As a retail store manager its a sad truth that (in my specific area anyway) the 1050ti sells about on par with 580-1060 1070ti etc combined. I dont necessarily agree with it BUT there is definitely a market and its pretty big. just last week i had a guy asking about a 1050ti. I dont necessarily see the appeal but as far as a business decision i understand it. So it isnt just @SkilledRebuilds use case. Their are many that are looking for/running 50 series cards. and good luck running a 1660ti with a sub 300w power supply. 50 series is key for the low power market.
  2. I have an s8+. i love the form factor. the battery life is great and the camera is not that bad. expandable storage is nice to have even tho i dont use it. Who ever releases a phone with a decent battery and a high refresh rate screen im in. Rog phone/ razer phone are tempting
  3. They might do an early launch if amd can get their s*** together and bring a competitive 7nm gpu to the high end. otherwise the 2080 and 2080ti will reign top dog for a long time me thinks
  4. make sure you pre order. how much of your life do you want to look back on and it not have ray tracing in 1 game?
  5. i had a lighting file trigger the anti cheat software in dbd lol havent played the game in a few months because of that. thanks asus
  6. i figured setting 144fps as the cap itd just bang against that all day long. but nope 90-110fps. its still very strange that itd cause this kind of issue. Im unsure if i changed that setting before or after the gpu upgrade tho. But i have seen a few posts with similar issues and im wondering if the custom frame cap is the culprit for them.
  7. EDIT: turn the custom frame rate target to 300 in game if you havent So my story begins with my build. AMD theme so 2600 and rx580. Everything was great! All my games ran smoothly and the overclock i had on the 2600 gave me a slight boost and i was happy. Im a massive forza fan so the horizon 4 benchmark was put to good use (i really love the benchmark and recommend it). Few months later and i went to a vega 64 for them sweet sweet forza fps. Overwatch sticks between 90-110 at any setting and doesnt hit more the 70% gpu utilization. WTF Checked wattman, made sure it wasnt cpu bottlenecking (it was locked at 144 with the rx580 so wth), hpet turned off or on made zero difference. So naturally i blamed the game and gave up after a week. Ashe update. still no changes and i read a thread about msi afterburner or another program having an fps cap. Fiddled with wattman and still no diffirence. (every other game ran crazy fps it was only overwatch that was a problem) I had the custom fps target at 144. HMMMMM maybe if I increase.... TADA!!!!! glorious fps showered down on my 144hz monitor, buttery smooth gameplay at the highest settings with not a hint of fps drops. gpu utilization 96%+ SO! if anyone is still having issues after messing around with in game setting and possibly going into you bios, check wattman or afterburner to make sure that any framrate targets or limits are off or at max. Finally change the in game fps target to 300. Thank you for reading my first post and i hope this helps someone!