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  1. mirzadawarkhan

    pc not showing desktop but showing windows loading

    can't go either into safe mode.. tried happened after windows update
  2. I have upgraded my graphics card from gtx 960 4g to 1060 6g.. card I bought from a friend.. its an zotac amp edition.. my psu is ntec 430w green 80+ bronze. card is okay coz I've checked it on the shop already from where I purchased. it was running okay I installed it on my pc.. pc display bios.. then windows loads.. circle moves and then I don't get the desktop it's it coz of psu? my specs are.. i5 3350p 26 GB DDR 3, 1600Mhz Asus pce AC 68 wifi card (pci express one) 256 gb ssd. 2TB wd hard disk. 1060 6gb.. ntec bronze green 430w