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  1. Yup, running it from a VM is temporary just while I get the process worked out. But still, I'm using a PC with an i7 & 16GB of RAM and running the VM from an SSD while using gigabit ethernet throughout my network. I would assume that would be enough to get more than 50mbps. Looking through some of the other replies in this thread, it looks like I'm not the only one having this problem. Squid is a much more complex beast to setup and configure. I started out looking into setting up a Squid caching server before I found out about this project and it's just a really tedious setup process. Be forewarned.
  2. My PC is running Windows as its main OS. I'm running Ubuntu inside of a virtual machine within Windows. Ubuntu is running Docker and the steamcache containers.
  3. Just discovered this tonight and I gotta say this is pretty cool software. I made a new virtual machine with ubuntu and ran the Docker commands in terminal. It was all surprisingly easy to setup. I had to change virtual box's network adapter settings to "bridge mode" instead of NAT. But that was just about the only tweaking I had to do. Very cool app! I'm running my VM from a Samsung T5 SSD with 250GB of space reserved for caching (for now- just to test). One thing I'm noticing is when caching Xbox One game downloads, the initial download is super slow. The 1st time I get speeds like ~50mbps and then subsequent downloads are at 250mbps. Is there any way around this? Without caching, my download speeds are ~250mbps. I get that overhead is to be expected, but the initial download is like one-fifth my normal speeds. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Running my caching server in Ubuntu (newest ver) through a VM (VirtualBox, newest ver). 2.8ghz i7 7700HQ with the VM getting 2-cores and 4GB of RAM. Speedtest from within the VM shows 400mbps down. On host (Windows 10) machine it's 850mbps.