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  1. That is cool. Care me to guide to an article on how to do it? Thanks.
  2. Don't know if PyCharm support such advanced interactive/shell mode with autocompletion. And I'm not looking for an editor. I'm quite happy with vscode.
  3. This one is pretty cool but much like bpython it is somewhat finicky on Windows.
  4. I found "bpython" but that is not very good on Windows. Also IPython is good but I didn't find that to be better than the shell that comes with IDLE.
  5. I mean my VSCode currently does exactly that. The reason I want to switch to the shell mode is that it is interpreting every line as I type which lessens the output time in the first run. Since python can be really sluggish sometimes ,currently I have to use libraries like numba to speed it up. I would still have to use them even if I switch to the interactive/shell mode but not the first time.
  6. All that is said in this article is to install an interpreter to the VS Code. It is already done in mine. And I have to use editor to get those autocomplete and other functionalities. If I want to use the shell mode, I have to type python in the terminal which will open python in standard powershell.
  7. How is this any different from VSCode? I mean opening the link you gave I can only see an Editor. Whereas what I want is an interpreter (intereactive/shell mode) which has those functionalities.
  8. Hello everyone, I currently use Microsoft VSCode as a python editor alongside Python IDLE for windows for smaller codes. Now, recently I've found that writing a code in the interpreter is much faster for me as it's runtime becomes similar to my write time. But the options that I know for python interpreter are Command prompt/Powershell or the Python IDLE (which I prefer). But I still miss the autocompletes of my VSCODE editor. Although the python IDLE interpreter provides with some basic descriptions of lists and functions, I'm looking for a better option. Can any of you suggest a good app for it? I know jupyter notebook is a good option but I don't like it very much because I don't know how to customise it. Thanks.
  9. Is your SSD nearly full? A filled up SSD becomes painstakingly slow.
  10. Does anyone know about any pdf reader for android where I can change my line colour and background colour? I was able to do that in Acrobat reader in PC but not in android. I found XODO - A pdf reader for android but it also replaces the colour of the pictures of the pdf and I don't want that. So if anyone knows any app let me know. Thanks.
  11. It was strange for me too because all the other articles said that a laptop without having support for hosted network cannot enable wifi hotspot on its own. ButI can enable wifi hotspot without any external adapter. I I booted in an Ubuntu live disk and there too I was able to turn on my hotspot with the only difference being that my Wifi was turned off when the hotspot was on and vice versa.
  12. Have you tried undervolting? If you haven't do give it a try before opening up your laptop.
  13. You can find some sort of fans on which you can place your laptop. Those might help in cooling. As because air cooling depends heavily on ambient temperature I would suggest that you keep it in an air conditioned room (not necessary if you live in colder countries or in Australia RN). The riskier options would be to open up your laptop and replace your CPU and GPU's thermal paste with something better or even Liquid metal. But I would advise against that.
  14. I should clarify that hosted network is not supported on my WIFI chip. The hotspot is running throug "microsoft wifi direct virtual adapter" as "Local Area Connection 2"
  15. Didn't work. Firstly I tried to run the command myself from cmd it asked me to run it as administrator. When I did that it said "The hosted network couldn't be started" "The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested action".