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  1. I'm making a pc and the casing I chose isn't too open of the fans to intake much air from the front. So I was thinking of putting them at the top as intake fans. Can I do that? Or should I keep it as is.
  2. Symbiode

    RAM causing BSOD

    Oh no... the 2GB ram doesnt work no matter what. Even if I do put the 1GB ram in or not.
  3. Symbiode


    I still play on a 720p monitor.
  4. Symbiode

    RAM causing BSOD

    Yup 3GB of ddr2 ram. I have tried one at a time but only the 1GB ram works. If I try to use only the 2GB ram it still causes that BSoD and keeps restarting.
  5. Symbiode

    Aura sync supported even tho not listed

    I've seem case fans from other companies not listing aura sync support, but actually work with aura sync with full control. So it might work fingers crossed.
  6. So I have an old pc form 2010 and I added a 2GB ddr2 (had a 1GB ddr2 ram pre-installed) ram to it. It's running fine until a couple days ago. For some reason I was getting some sort of display problem so I just took my gpu and the ram out one by one and checked it. The problem not being fixed I put all of them back in but my pc started showing Kernel Security Check Failure. I restarted a couple times but it didn't help. Then I took out my 2GB ram and it worked fine. But the problem is the other 1GB ram is just too slow to work with. I don't do any heavy work, just some light stuff like playing games, going on the browser but my pc would just keep on freezing even while just using chrome. I swapped the slots and everything. The 2GB ram just does not work. I'm thinking of replacing the ram in case it works.. even though I'm gonna buy a pc soon. But until then I gotta live with this old pc but I want it to work
  7. So I'm going to build a pc in a few days andI'm trying to spend the most on cpu and motherboards. So I went for a GTX 1050ti gpu for now. But I want to later upgrade my gpu to a 1060 6GB and I'm probably gonna do that in like 2 years. So apparently u need exact same gpus for sli so what do I do with my 1050ti when I buy a 1060? I really dont wanna just throw it away
  8. So since I got my first pc back in 2010 when I was 6 years old, I heard that you should never turn off you computer using the power button on the casing. So I was a dumb kid and I had no idea about anything so I just believed it and I never looked into it. But then I saw people just turning it of using the power button, and it's not like that force stop thingy, just pressed it once. So I wanna know if there is any difference from doing that or turning it off the manual way. And also I wanna know if anything happens to your pc when u force stop thingy it or just straight up unplug it.
  9. Oh right... I forgot
  10. So I'm building my first pc with a ryzen 5 1600 (or 2600 when it's in stock again) with a ASUS AORUS B450M motherboard. So it's 2018 and newer versions of cpu and motherboards are coming out. So my dad told me to make a system that will support newer cpus for a long time... at least 4-5 years. So the thing is.. ryzen 3rd gen is probably coming out some time soon. So newer cpus will probably come out before 2024-25. Is there any way to make a pc now that will support newer cpus for a long time? I've heard that updating you bios can help but is it true? And how long can I do this? I really don't wanna build a pc now and see newer parts coming out tomorrow. I want my pc to be decent for atleast 5 years.