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    ryzen 3 1200 at 3.7ghz
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    AB350M micro ATX AM4
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    8GB low profile LPX
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    RX 580
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    CiT F3
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    250gb SSD, 250GB HDD
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    500 80+ Evega
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    AOC G2460PF
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    2 case fans
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    Logitech G203
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  1. im guessing the EXE is the setup file, it open up the drivers for AMD, i currnetly have 20.2.2, which is the latest, so i think im ok, i dont need to download them.
  2. i just updated to 5.0 with them in zip file format, it seems fine atm, however i will follow your instructions for the penultimate update, thankyou v much
  3. One last question, when updating to 5.4 it says to download drivers, the driver's come in a zip file, should I extract them or leave them be?
  4. Ok, I'm currently updating to 4.6 and it's working luckily, hopefully I will be able to incrementally update all the way to 5.4 haha
  5. Hey did u find an answer to this, I'm having the same problem
  6. its plugged into the black usb from the mobo too
  7. and the BIO update zip file has a folder inside, with the file inside that one
  8. i installed the drivers, they are in a zip folder, i dont know wether to unzip them or not. Regarding the BIOS upadte files, it can in a zip folder, a single file was inside. I have tried using the zip, unzipping, and even just the file on the USB stick, i have tried a new usb too
  9. are you sure its safe with my current ryzen 3 1200 cpu as it says ASRock do NOT recommend updating this BIOS if Pinnacle, Raven or Summit Ridge CPU is being used on your system. *
  10. I click on instant flash, it comes up with the new bios file name, then says no image file detected.
  11. im on 4.5 trying to go to 5.4 to get support for the ryzen 5 3600. I have attempted the BIOS update, but when clicking on instant flash, it says image file not found.