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  1. According to Intel, they announced that the Icelake laptops will be available till christmas. But i wanted to buy a laptop (budget laptop) before back to school days / summer. So, is it worth waiting for Icelake or should i buy the i5-8265u or any other Coffeelake laptop. Intel also said that they would resolve the 'specter' and 'meltdown' issues, which could also lead to decrease in performance. So, it is worth waiting?
  2. Thanks for sharing this knowledge!
  3. So, first of all, i love windows 7. I heard recently about closing the support for Windows 7. Why can't they make an alternate LITE version of Windows, which could be run easily on the older machines. Just like Apple did with iphone SE(yeah, i know it's a different thing, but just try to understand my point) or like Google did with Android One programme. There are many example for such "LITE" versions. I have seen many systems running Windows 10, which basically slows down the computer (for ex, 100% disc usage problem). I hope, the next Windows would be much better than 10.