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  1. Hey! Ive been interested in Linus's current rackmount case for awhile and was wondering if he ever released the cad models? Thanks for the replies!
  2. So I got the idea to cool a CPU/GPU/RAM by pumping all my liquid through a bunch of RADS with no fans I got my idea from JayTwoCence's video "This is the dumbest thing I've ever done...". My question is how many rads would take to cool a CPU, or more specifically how many watts can a single fanless RAD dissipate? My idea is to make a completely silent system by sealing my pumps in a box lined in a noise dampening material, to achieve the ultimate quiet system. The only part I haven't figured out is the power supply fan if you have any solutions please give me some ideas. .
  3. I also have a problem with using so little ram
  4. it cants handle all my incognito tabs hehe hehe
  5. Thank you! I plan to overclock the ram to hell so and water blocks on them but the symmetry was annoying me
  6. I have four dims so two will be occupied by the two 16gb sticks and the other two by two 4 GB sticks
  7. hehe hehe manny incognito tabs
  8. Hi, I have two sticks of 16GB 2400MHz Corsair Vengence ddr4 and I was wondering if I can put two 4GB 2400MHz Corsair Vengence ddr4. Thanks!