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  1. Sounds like an idea, though I think that particular router is a little outwith my price range, even 2nd hand! My concern is I'll need 2 as one won't have a strong enough signal to penetrate the brickwork of the house. It's a rather old house with thick, solid walls you see. I'll need to have a look for 2nd hand ones though, sounds like the way to do it.
  2. Hello LTT community! Long time no lurk! I came before with a computer building question and the responses let me create a fairly dream computer, so cheers for that! I come to you today with another conundrum for you all, as the title might suggest! My UK home consists of two floors, and my current setup is my ISP provided router (Plusnet Hub One) and the upper floor is connected by an old BT hub acting as an access point (I think that's the terminology?) that's linked via ethernet. I've sprung for fibre broadband but I'm noticing a lot of drops in my connection, and I'm heavily suspecting the bottleneck is my router setup (two computers, many phones, a couple laptops, two streaming devices... there's a lot of traffic. Plus I like to stream sometimes while watching HD videos!). The straw that broke the camel's back for me though is the Hub One doesn't allow me to set a custom DNS server, and I went through all the trouble of setting up a PiHole! So I was wanting a new router anyway for that reason. Funds are tight however so I'm not able to reasonably spend £50 in all on this solution. MAYBE I can be pushed to 60? But that's a big maybe (so big it's capitalized), and I'm not as knowledgeable about this kind of thing as I'd like to be. So I've came to a community that's helped me in the past to ask... any suggestions? What works for my monkey brain, is getting 2 of the same, decent router, and connect them together to form a mesh network so that coverage is good without interrupts. I know enough about routers to go in and change ssid, wifi key, dhcp settings etc but I take one look at the "stats" of a router on Amazon and my brain starts playing static. Any help is appreciated! I think I've covered the information I'd need to share but if I'm missing something then lemme know! Cheers for reading through my waffle, hope you all are doing good! -A
  3. Hey guys. Been a watcher of LTT for a little while now, dipping in and out and decided to ask the community about my new situation. My current "rig", is windows 7, 512gb hdd, 2gb ram and an ATI Radeon 4350 "SILENT" Yeah, and I try and call myself a "gamer". Recently, I've been given a small amount of money, and I'd like to push it as far as I can. Purpose I need a system that'll be designed mostly for gaming (including VR, but I have separate money put aside for that), but that can also handle 3d animation, rendering of videos and game development. This is going to be my main work and play system that I'm hoping will do me for a good number of years to come. Desired Specs Windows 3 monitor setup Air cooled Mice and keyboards already owned Noise pollution isn't really a concern, so I don't mind a noisier power supply or a louder fan. If there's anything else I've forgotten to include, by all means ask!