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  1. JDA4Free

    UltraWide Monitor @ 100hz heavy ghosting issues

    Only visible in Windows though. Games don't have these issues (not noticable to me in games) Anything I could configurate in Nvidia Control Panel to reduce ghosting or is there really nothing I can do at all (o2 can do)
  2. hi. Bought the Asus XG35VQ and so far so good but there are 2 things I'm not sure whether they are intentional or misconfigured: 1. Ghosting 2. Refresh Rate (had a 120hz monitor, this 100hz feels like 75hz.) Perhaps my Nvidia control settings are wrong or I got a misproduced display) See this Video (ghosting, PUT VID.SPEED @ 0.5 for more realistic real world representation!!
  3. JDA4Free

    $600 ultrawide monitor

    Asked the same qeustion yet no recommendation except some info so see my thread. What I found out that works best is to look for a good 34" 1440p monitor around your budget + 100-200$ and wait for black friday / cyber monday deals
  4. What about this one: https://www.viewsonic.com/de/products/lcd/XG3240C.php Sadly only 32" but it got 144hz and hdr and 1440p. Is it a go or no? If I play a game and get 110fps will it still feel smooth or do I have to get +144fps?
  5. Anyway What would be the best monitor 34" 120hz under 500$/€ ? Black friday & cyber monday coming up so I think its possible.
  6. Nnonono I have a pc with the specs stated in the beginning, I was just saying that a lot of good AAA games like TLOU, Days Gone,RDR2 etc are console locked because of damn corp greed. So in the event that I buy a used console (must be depressing times) that I will be able to enjoy my monitor anyway (I have no clue if I will be able to use freesync etc on console (screen tearing) but that's not the main topic now).
  7. So I looked around the netinter and it seems like 34" 3440x1440p @ 120hz is the way to go though its hard to find anything under 400$/€. Before you ask, yes I always look for the cheapest price tag while getting the most out of it (preferably imho). Sure my monitor is a TN Panel but most wouldn't go insane because of that. I really don't wanna go with 32" or even worse <32" because my 29" monitor in terms of size right now is.....ok...a......y....:(. TV-Shows (media consumption) & non-esports Gaming (though still fps and rl are on the list) are the main reasons I bought a pc. Sadly most AAA Devs are console exclusives so I just wannna make sure that in the worst events I have a monitor that will suit the needs in all cases.
  8. Ryzen 5 1600 I heard about that. Is the difference between 100hz - 144hz noticable because I really want a 144hz panel that isn't 1080p and small. 3440x1440p it is then. Looks like a classical 1080p 2X-ish Monitor, yes 144hz, but still has nothing to do with my question. Re-read my question because I ask for an ultrawide monitor with 144hz and ultrawide can't possibly mean a tiny 20 inch monitor can it ?
  9. I have a Samsung TN Panel 29" 60Hz 4K Monitor running pretty well and pretty much all I excepted from a 300$/€ 4K Monitor. But now I'm considering getting into 144Hz Gaming and Media consumption Ultrawide (34") Monitor My current GPU is a GTX 1060 6GB and yes I know its not the best option for 4K Gaming but I'm flexible and honestly most games I play work with 4k and flexible settings / cfg changes maintaining 4k gaming without choping down to medium-low and staying above 60fps. But as I have said ealier, I'm considering Ultrawide 144hz Gaming and media consumption. The 144Hz aspect of the monitor I've found is already making me switch and on top of that the wider screen would be perfect for both gaming and media consumption (TV-Shows like The Walking Dead or House of Cards etc..., youtube videos). What is the best option I can pick atm? Stay @ comfortable 4K 29" awful choppy 60Hz or sell it and get for a little price up a 34" 144Hz or a 32" 144Hz Monitor. My Monitor: https://www.alternate.de/Samsung/U28E590D-LED-LED-Monitor/html/product/1207929 34 144H: https://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/5145569_-34uc79g-b-lg-electronics.html 32" 144Hz: https://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/ProductCategory/3832F2623586-5356919.html?sortKey=minPrice Don't focus on my gpu, if I can survive with 4k and still get 60fps with a bit of tweaking and flexibility on it then I'm sure the other monitors (lower res.) won't pose a problem. I would rather prefer 1440p then 1080p but you guys are the experts .