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  1. i bought ram and gpu from aliexpress with no issue ( 8gb of ddr3 for 40€ and a legit gtx 750 for 40 )
  2. then it was just luck haha, well i'll be more carefull in my other purchases.
  3. i would never buy something like this, cause I want my new PC to be 100% new ( something hard in Spain, gpu and ram prices are still sky high ), so i'm still rocking the worst gaming pc you'll ever see ?, and no, it's not old, it's just ... stupid, my system has an intel Xeon e5-2665 v1 (socket 2011), 16GB of RDIMM ECC DDR3 (at just 1333mhz) a propietary motherboard ( from an HP z420 ) and a HD 7870 Ghz edition from gigabyte all of this inside of a NOX hummer MC case ( it does have RGB lightning, but my motherboard does not have a controller, so i have the CPU fan at a fixed color right now, and yes, the case has a dent, i realized it once i had everything inside ). That CPU was not cheap when it released ( i bought it for 60€ ), but this thing is so bad for gaming, and only 2.7ghz max turbo frequency.
  4. I'm from Europe too, and at least in Spain they never charged me anything extra, but it could be just luck. Also i never bought from this website, so i don't know anything ?
  5. Yeaj, i know that, it's just that in theory, its a good deal, asuming that they won't charge anything extra.
  6. also, you rarely have warranty on second hand products, i know, on ebay, for example, you have buyer protection when paying via paypal, but what if you bought it on person.
  7. Well maybe is not in countries other than the one i reside, it's strange for me having to pay extra for a shipment from china ( not even taxes of any sort, but i suppose that could vary from seller to seller), maybe i was lucky with all the other products i bought from china.
  8. While doing my daily research on the internet for cheap pc components, i dedided to give a try to TaoBao ( the web that they used in the video ), I found something quite interesting, and surprisingly cheap. (Look at the attached files). This means that you can build a surprisingly cheap PC for gaming, just add a second handed gtx 970 or a 1060, buy a cheap 16gb ddr3 kit and you're almost good to go, asuming that everything does work. Almost forgot, if you want to buy this, grab the most expensive option, that's an I7 4980hq (if they do have it in stock). Translated website URL Original website URL