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    Asus 750ti OC edition
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    win 10
  1. In a word (or I guess an acronym), LAN. I could take this thing on a bus! Mouse and keyboard, plus mate's TV, all set to go.
  2. I've only ever used a full sized keyboard, but love the idea of a smaller one, think it would suit me a lot better.
  3. Some parts of my town have gigabit, and yet I'm stuck with this...
  4. Fair. Been sitting on a shelf the last six months so I haven't bothered, but I know I should. Every time I see it I feel like a bad person.
  5. Stories like this make me both extremely happy, and extremely frustrated.
  6. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype, I may actually go back to this rig (with a better GPU).
  7. The ultimate gaming rig. No case for easy access and better cooling. Motherboard: some supermicro server board of ebay, for better stability. Dual quad core xeons, because modern gaming is all about dem cores right? 16GB memory - more dimms = better. Custom heatsink mounting for better cooling. HD 7750. Gives me 20-30 fps on most titles, for a more cinematic experience. Anything more is overkill. High quality, custom 3D printed GPU mounting system. 750 watt gold rated modular power supply; not at all overkill. I prefer Hard drives over SSDs - the longer loading screens give me time to contemplate the meaning of life. On a more serious note... this was my first PC, built a couple years ago when I was very short on cash. The PSU was leftover from a short stint of bitcoin mining (I almost broke even!). For about $350 usd all up, this was a good way for me to get into PC gaming, and for video editing it's actually fairly great.
  8. I was lucky enough to get a lot of parts for free, my dad's work has a habit of throwing away perfectly good parts. I just had to pay for OS and gpu, which cost around $260 (US) all up.
  9. Username - olrinz Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  10. Would love one of these for video editing
  11. Would love the fans and case, my computer just so happens to be sitting on a table with no case or fans...
  12. Congratulations on 1 million subscribers. I'd love to see a video about your filming set up (all your gear etc.).
  13. That skin looks awesome, and would love a 4K camera on a phone. At first I thought they were kinda gimmicky, but i can actually think of a lot of uses for it. (those are my favourite things. Just to be clear.)
  14. The problem I'm having is the HDD with windows 8 installed is being excluded from the boot list every time the machine restarts, including after updating the boot order to include it. I did have windows 8 running fine for a while (about a week), and it boots up fine in my other machine. I know this isn't exactly a common motherboard, and it's a little older, but I just thought I'd ask here before I give up entirely. I'm new to computer building, and new to forums in general, so be gentle Any help much appreciated.