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  1. wow. fair enough man, I apologise. ive been looking at dozens of x399 mobos in auctions and this is the only one ive seen with this layout for the caps, even when searching google for images of the socket. i thought those two little silver pieces were the solder for where the cap was mounted, and the black colour was so close to the rest of the plastic in the socket i thought it was part of the same thing. thank you for the info and pics, you just saved me from blowing up a motherboard. and sorry for not taking your comment seriously.
  2. I cant tell if your serious...dude I have this board, I can clearly tell its just solder and plastic and that all other TR4 boards have a cap there.
  3. afraid not, from looking at other TR4 sockets its very clear something is missing. all that's left are the solder blobs.
  4. for some context, i recently bought 3 broken threadripper motherboards with the hope that i could repair them and use one in a project. one of the boards is badly damaged and i am intending to use as a donor board. the board in the pic isnt as bad. i have spent about an hour straitening bent pins, and now the only thing i can see wrong is the missing item, which i belive is a capacitor. each of them is about 2-3mm long. i have looked into micro soldering and think it would be possible to de-solder a cap from the donor board and put it on the board which is in better shape. problem is im a complete noob and have very little electrical knowledge and 0 micro soldering experience. I would like to know if the cap is even necessary, as im aware sometimes extra components are used for redundancy. if i do need to fix it, would this tool be enough(TS100): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MDTO6X7/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=rossmanngroup-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01MDTO6X7&linkId=2d7c13ceaf8725fb1aadce13d12a16c3 i saw that Louis Rossman recommended it, and it is fairly inexpensive compared to the alternatives. I would also be interested to hear about solder/flux recommendations for this project, as its another area i know very little about. any info, advice, recommendations or tips would be really helpful to me. thank you for reading.
  5. that's really helpful, thank you for all the information. (-:
  6. in gamers nexus teardown video of the 56 Steve mentions the 29w fan draws its power from the pcie slot. so is it just the fan that uses the PCIE slot and then the GPU itself uses the power connectors? I cant remember specific people, but it seems to be mentioned from time to time on many large tech channels on YT. I know that just because someone with a following said it doesn't make it true, but that's where I got the idea from. an example would be when reviewers talk about the additional 6pin or molex on motherboards for extra PCIE slot power to avoid overloading the 24pin. as for GPUs, I cant remember anyone giving specific examples, but im aware different GPUs draw different amounts of power from the PCIE slot.
  7. that's awesome, thank you for the info. ill have a look at the link.
  8. I will be using a good power supply. that's good to know, thanks. I am a bit confused though, if that's the case how come the 24pin melts for some people who use 3+GPUs?
  9. I know they need external power, but even with external power they can still overload the 24pin, that's why im asking. im using modded vega 64s
  10. im using modded vega 64s. I imaging they may end up drawing a lot of power...
  11. how much power does a 24pin provide, and is there a way to know how much of it goes to the GPUs? im planning a 4GPU workstation that could potentially melt the 24pin. I would like to know how much the 24pin can provide them through the PCIE slot as it will effect the other parts I buy, like a mobo with a 6pin for example.
  12. 2 reasons. 1: price should be much much less with this method. 2: reliability. if something goes wrong with this system I need it up again same day because I might have a tight deadline for work. if water leaks and kills multiple components and I have to spend hours trouble shooting and days waiting for new parts, im completely fucked. this is a much more minor point, but I also don't want to have to do all the maintenance that comes with a water cooled system. if its on air I can very quickly clean it with an antistatic brush and im done.
  13. im planning to mod some vega 64s. basic idea is to remove obstructions from the inside like the fan and various metal bits. then force air through a duct at the end of the cards, like a server.im planning to put the LC BIOS on the cards to get the highest possible performance. have no idea if ill be able to get to 1700mhz though.noise isnt a concern, this is for 3D rendering work. all that matters is the maximum performance i can get out of it while at reasonable temperature, for as little money as possible.the best 80mm fan I can find does 132CFM.https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/delta-electronics/PFC0812DE-SP04/603-1166-ND/1850535the best 92mm fan I can find does 175CFM.http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/depf92drhisp.htmlthe best 120mm fan I can find does 252CFM.http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/de12pfexhisp.htmlusing 80mm fans would make the shroud design a lot easier, but will 132CFM be enough to keep the cards cool (im aiming for under 70degs)?also, do I need to do anything for the VRMs, like those mini heatsinks? people like Steve from gamers nexus have said its fine just to leave them on air, but actually hardcore overclocking said they need heatsinks. they are clearly both very well read on the subject, so I don't know who's right.also also, from reading the power requirements, im guessing a standard mobo fan header wont be able to handle these. so my main question is what should I use to power and control one of these fans? and what should i use to power 2 of these fans, if i find out 1 isnt enough.
  14. dude, im a broke 18yo who does art for a living, 50$ is a lot to me :'D